Qualified for the Job: Lame Answers to Job Interview Questions

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Qualified for the Job: Lame Answers to Job Interview Questions

Avoid these tired answers at all costs.

| April 27, 2016

Lame Answers Job InterviewQualified for the Job:
Lame Answers to
Job Interview Questions
By Kevin Christian L. Santos

You sent out resumes to your dream companies hoping to land a job to fund your lifestyle (or post fancy adventures on social media) and future. You finally get a call from one of said companies for a job interview, and you obviously feel good. “My parents will finally realize they didn’t raise a failure,” you say to yourself. Interview time comes and you come in unprepared, you give generic responses to the interviewer’s questions, and lo and behold, you miss the opportunity to land the job.
Besides looking the part, it’s also equally important to know how to answer questions at a job interview. Here are a few things NOT to say on your big day. Good luck!

8. “My greatest weakness? I don’t have any.”

8 Lame Answers Job Interview

When asked what your weaknesses are, never ever say you can’t think of any. Be confident, but not overconfident. You need to share a weakness so that the company will know that you’re self-aware and that you want to grow professionally. However, be careful in sharing a weakness. Make sure that the weakness in question won’t be detrimental to the company. End the question on a positive note by stating the steps you have taken in order to improve.

7. “I’m a workaholic.”

7 Lame Answers Job Interview

Like the previous entry, don’t be cocky at an interview. Never go with this answer or something similar, like “I work too hard.” The interviewer’s not stupid and won’t be
impressed with this answer.

6. “I’m a perfectionist.”

6 Lame Answers Job Interview

Similar to the workaholic answer, this reply just has insincerity written over it. It’s a tired and overused answer, and the interviewer will think just the same. It does very little to let the interviewer know about your working style. Expect an eye-roll or two from the interviewer if you choose to use this answer.

5. “I’m the best person for the job.”

5 Lame Answers Job Interviewb

Really? The best? The best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be is Bret “The Hitman” Hart. When asked why the company should hire you, don’t say that you’re the best person for the job. It sounds generic and has appeared in lots of cover letters. You don’t even know the qualifications of the other applicants. It makes you sound arrogant. Instead, elaborate why you’re a fit for the job. Talk about your industry experience, your skills, and your experience in performing specific tasks and problem-solving abilities.