F8ght List: What We Learned at UFC 214


F8ght List: What We Learned at UFC 214

There’s a lesson here somewhere.

| August 1, 2017

F8ght List:

What We Learned

at UFC 214


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A fight card that proved full of blood, redemption and drama. We learned quite a few of life’s lessons as played out in the modern day theater of combat that is the Octagon that night. Here are a few of them.

The Swiss Do Have a Sense of Urgency

Jimi Manuwa is in the top five of the LHW division for a reason but the Swiss-born Volkan Oezdemir pounded him with short bursts of dirty boxing like the guy had stolen his watch. At some point, Manuwa couldn’t back up anymore but Oezdemir still wasn’t finished whaling on his head so he pushed Manuwa down for better range and got in two hammerfists before he left him staring up at the lights like a dazed mugging victim in less than 21 seconds of round one.  Now Oezdemir has risen to the top three of the LHW, just after Gustaffson and before Texeira. Wow.


Winner for Boringest Title Defense Ever

I can sum up this fight in four letters: Zzzz. Demian Maia versus Tyron Woodley for the welterweight title should have been a better fight but Woodley just didn’t want to let his fists fly for fear of being taken down and becoming one of Maia’s strangulation trophies. Maia, meanwhile, had no luck against Woodley’s wrestling and really needs to learn some better setups for his takedowns—or a longer fight camp for a title fight. So much for being the last jiu-jitsu specialist in the UFC.  News flash, T Wood: you just lost your fight against GSP.


I Know a Lamas with Heavy Hands

Ricardo Lamas should be more famous than he is, he’s got the look and the heavy hands to back up a claim for stardom—plus a remarkably affective sense of prankish humor. The KO against Jason Knight in round one is a resounding return to form, and return to the Octagon. Welcome back, sir.


Cyborg Nation!

You can see why Cristiane “Cyborg” Justino retired Gina Carano and why she’s so feared that Germaine De Randamie would rather have her featherweight title stripped than fight this, uh, machine. Props to Tonya Evinger for taking on this beast and for, as my female fighter friend declared: standing up for all the fighting women with “mom bods.”