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What We Like Best During the Rainy Season

Only happy when it rains.

| August 29, 2017

It’s more fun to sleep!

Who doesn’t take advantage of the rain by sleeping in? Nothing like the pitter-patter on the roof to lull you into sleeping like a baby. This is also the only time you can put on a blanket without turning the AC on. The rain even helps you save money!


Showering in the rain

Sometimes it can bring out the carefree and younger side of you. Who says showering in the rain is for kids only?  When’s the last time you took a shower in the rain?


Family bonding time

During the rain or exceptionally strong typhoons where even work-level is suspended, it’s the perfect time to bond with the family. You can watch movies together or play board games if there’s no electricity (talk about looking at the bright side of things!).


Time by yourself

Probably the best thing about it is you can crank up the volume on your Rainy Day Playlist and just let your thoughts wander. Spend time alone in your room, staring out the window! If you feel too sad doing that, remember that there are sunny days ahead. But for now, enjoy these showers!


What do you like most about the rain? Share them with us!