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8 Reasons Why Fraternities Do Hazing, According to Frat Members


| September 28, 2017

8 Reasons

Why Fraternities

Do Hazing,


to Frat Members

By 8List

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It was Monday morning when the news about Horacio Castillo III, a law student killed by hazing, broke out. The tragic incident shocked and alarmed a lot of parents, schools, and students; but this wasn’t the first time. Over the years, death cases due to hazing have been reported, with a number of them still awaiting justice. And yet, this culture among fraternities prevails, and initiates are still willing to undergo the process of hazing. The big question is: “why?”

We interviewed former and current fraternity members (we’re keeping their names and fraternities anonymous for confidentiality) to help us understand why they think hazing is an integral part of their “brotherhood.”

Test of loyalty

“Fratmen want loyalty, that’s why they initiate hazing rituals. They don’t want a person who will give up easily. The goal of the hazing period is to make the neophyte quit by giving him a hard time. Loyalty is measured when the neophytes don’t quit despite everything.”

“Kung walang hazing baka palipat-lipat lang ng fraternity ‘pag di nila nagustuhan ‘yun mga patakaran ng isang frat.”


Common bond between brothers

“Hazing strengthens bond. Members consider each other as real biological siblings, calling each other brad and sis. They help and provide in times their members would need help.”

“It’s a common bond between brothers, and you get to talk about it during reunions.”


Defines masculinity

“Hazing proves and defines masculinity. Since men compose a fraternity, one has to prove they are strong enough to join. Weak men (are) not allowed to join.”


Distinctiveness of the fraternity

“Hazing is what makes fraternities distinct from other organizations.”

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