Why is Juan Tamad?

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Why is Juan Tamad?

Weekend na ba?

| October 10, 2017

Pedicabs, Tricycles, et al

Of course, it’s the chicken and egg argument. The presence of these makeshift transports enable our laziness for walking. But it’s almost head-scratching ridiculous how we’d rather risk our lives riding these death-traps than walking a few meters to our destination. And especially with pedicabs, they’re not even that comfortable, and it does not even get you faster towards your destination.


Road accidents

Why would you want to walk in a city that has rising road accident-related deaths?


Lack of Recreational Spaces

Via Wired

Build, build, build has long been the mantra in our country; even before this administration made it theirs. Unfortunately, this does not include building public parks and recreational spaces.


Smartphones and Social Media

How many hours do we spend looking at our phones and checking our feeds? We’d rather see others do the hard work and become successful in their ventures and live vicariously through them.

We’re pretty sure there’s a study out there.

We’re just too lazy to look it up.


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