8 Theories on Why the Lead Characters in Jollibee’s “The Vow” Didn’t End Up Together

Jolli-bae, you got us going cray.

| February 10, 2017

8 Theories on

Why the Lead Characters in

Jollibee’s “The Vow”

Didn’t End Up Together

By 8List

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This Valentine month is Jollibee’s, the rest of us are just paying rent. The burger joint with the bee mascot sneakily unleashed a series of videos that tugged at our already tightly-wound heartstrings.

The very first one was “The Vow”:


Soon after it was released, a torrent of comments on social media came pouring in. After everyone has settled down, most were left to wonder: Bakit hindi sila nagkatuluyan bes?!

Here are some theories:

Readings before feelings

The guy is a law student and he put his studies first before even trying to confess to her best friend. Aral muna daw bago landi.


The groom courted the girl with sticky notes on yum burgers… just like in “Crush”

Apparently there’s more than one way to court a girl with Jollibee food items.


The girl went abroad and met her would-be husband there

Now we enter into the teleserye territory. It’s a common trope in local drama.



Best friend is gay

Plausible explanation, but this does not explain the longing looks and sparkle in the eye of the guy whenever he sees the girl.

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