8 Reasons Why “Wonder Woman” is the Ultimate Beki Movie

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8 Reasons Why “Wonder Woman” is the Ultimate Beki Movie

Debbie could be on to something.

| June 10, 2017

8 Reasons Why

“Wonder Woman”

is the Ultimate

Beki Movie

By Debbie Santander

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It’s a no-brainer. It’s a movie that cuts across all demographics—from kids and kids-at-heart who love a good comic book romp, to frat boys who’d pay to see two hours of Gal Gadot in a bikini (and cutaways of her immaculate armpits), to feminists (like myself) who look to the Amazon princess for a spark of inspiration.

But if you’re an eagle-eyed observer like me, chances are you noticed that the movie resonated the most with a particular demographic unique to the Philippines: that is, the Bekis of Manila. Sorry, but we ladies can’t hold a candle to the baklush.

Every beki we know is blushing, gushing, and wishing he were Diana Prince. Yes, folks, see it with your own two eyes on Facebook: Wonder Woman, whether by accident or design, is fast becoming the penultimate life-changing movie for our beloved Filipino gay community.

Here, we count 8 reasons why. Before you read, you’ve been warned: SPOILERS AHEAD.

8. She’s a princess and she’s a warrior.

What more could a gay man ask for in a superhero? She’s royalty (a goddess even) but she can hold her own in the most arduous of battles. It makes sense, that among all the superheroes, Wonder Woman is every gay man’s avatar—she is what happens when you combine feminine spirituality with raw strength, the constitution of a high-performing bakla.


7. All that Greek mythology.

Wonder Woman is a character steeped in Greek mythology, from the magical items she carries to the supernatural sorority she comes from. And yes, gay men and Greek lore go hand in hand. Hey, it’s their favorite prom theme, right?


6. Aunty Ope.

Via Tor

You’ve got to hand it to the Bekis of Manila for making puns out of thin air. On Facebook, they’ve altered the spelling of the Amazonian warrior-mentor figure Antiope into Aunty Ope—which thereby translates to Tita Ope. (Winner!)

And yes, every gay person has that encouraging tita figure that inspires him to go forth and find his true north. It’s a shame that their collective hearts must’ve shattered when poor Aunty Ope bit the dust by minute twenty.


5. Oh, just some Chris Pine nudity.

Yeah, there’s something for everybody in the movie. While hot-blooded men got their fix from Gal Gadot’s many flattering angles, there’s a particular scene that would make the bekis pinch each other’s arms in sheer homoerotic delight.

Did I mention a sopping wet Chris Pine with nothing on, just his pair of hands covering his manhood? And yes, for a PG-13 movie, there’s a lot of talk about…uhm…watches. This one’s for you, mga baks, with a ribbon, some icing, and a cherry on top.