Why You Need to Unfollow Your “Friends”

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Why You Need to Unfollow Your “Friends”

There’s more to life than emojis.

| July 7, 2017

Why You Need

to Unfollow

Your “Friends”

By Kyzia Maramara

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For some of us, the internet is life. We can’t live a day or even an hour without checking our social media sites. It’s become a staple in our lives, even more staple than rice! But then, like some rice that is reported to be synthetic, not everyone on your newsfeed is real or pleasant. And if you are undecided whether to unfollow someone or not, here are reasons to help you make up your mind.

If they’re sharing fake news

This goes without saying. Unfollow the heck out of the gullible person!


If they’re being annoying

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“Annoying” differs from person to person. Annoying could be a person constantly posting photos of themselves at a gym, “working out” or their unpopular opinion on a lot of issues.


Keyboard warriors

Some people are quick to say their take on an issue. They put effort in looking for articles which oppose their stand and then they proceed to share it with a 12-inch caption on why they’re more right. Honestly? Keyboard warriors tend to be triggered by everything. Avoid this person at all costs!


Disrespectful to others’ opinions

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Come on, everybody’s entitled to their own opinions. If you don’t agree you can politely say that “That’s nice but I respectfully disagree” or something as civilized.