Why You Need to Unfollow Your “Friends”

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Why You Need to Unfollow Your “Friends”

There’s more to life than emojis.

| July 7, 2017

They’re too proud

We know posting the occasional achievement is not offensive, but posting achievements all the time? Not cool bro. Are they trying to make other people realize that their lives are not complete if they don’t achieve something? Also, there’s a fine line between posting because you’re happy for your beach pics and posting because you’re bragging you went to the Maldives.


And they’re obviously begging for likes

We know this type, people who post photos to brag their face or their bodies. Oh look it’s a picture of a beautiful beach front, with her in a barely-there bikini. Nice, he’s washing his Lamborghini, shirtless with shorts that seem to be owned by his 8 year-old bro. And with the finishing touch of a caption that goes something like this: “I feel ugly these days” encouraging their friends to comment praises.


They post selfies before every meal

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Or take pictures of every meal for that matter! Poor quality selfies are so 2013 don’t you think? Humans have progressed since then. Also, posting selfies 3x a day with deep quotes as captions that aren’t even related to them are not cool.


Or you just generally don’t like them

Hey, we won’t judge. If you had to add him or her on Facebook but want nothing to do with him/her, please feel free to unfollow.


Now I’m not saying you should hate every person on your feed because not all of them are like this. I’m just saying maybe you could use a little positivity in your life. Or, maybe you could get off that phone for a while and make actual physical connections.


What are your reasons for unfollowing someone? Tell us in the comments below!