8 Fashion-Related Reasons Why You’re Still Single

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8 Fashion-Related Reasons Why You’re Still Single

Is your body honestly ready for The One?

| February 6, 2016

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8 Fashion-Related Reasons
Why You’re Still Single


Ah, the ever elusive answer to the question, “Why am I still single?” You’ve already reasoned out with lack of time, soul-searching or more important priorities, but are you convinced? Perhaps it’s time to put the blame somewhere else, somewhere a little closer to your everyday choices. What you wear or how you look is a huge part of how potential baes perceive you.


It’s true that your personality, intelligence and other non-physical traits are more important, but there’s no denying that packaging is crucial for getting someone interested in the first place. With the dreaded hearts day nearing, it’s time to review the fashion choices that may just be the cause why you’re still single.


8. Buttoned-Up White Polo ala Strict Librarian


If buttoning up your polo until your throat is the norm for you, then you’re really not maximizing the power of a crisp, sexy white polo. Start wearing it with the second (or even up to the third) button open to show potential mates you’re courageous and willing to take the leap.


7. Extreme Perfume Dependence


What are you trying to hide? Drowning yourself in perfume isn’t only expensive; it also gives others the impression that you’re trying to mask something funky. Always go for a “bagong ligo lang ako” vibe.


6. Makeup Like there’s No Tomorrow


Similar to excessive perfume, too much makeup is also a major turn off. Don’t think that you can get away with piling on tons of product as long as you blend it really well. Someone will for sure notice that you’re masking something, and you better hope it’s not your potential husband.


5. Muscle Shirt Two Sizes Smaller


Wouldn’t you rather save the reveal of your guns (or adorable beer belly) after a few successful dates? Leave some things mysterious for potential mates to look forward to discovering. Wearing a muscle shirt that’s way too small for you evokes arrogance, awkwardness and ultimately, a lapse in fashion judgment.