Hacks to Sustain Your #SummerBod Program

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Hacks to Sustain Your #SummerBod Program

Do. Not. Stop.

| May 17, 2016

Fitness concept with dumbbells and healthy food.Hacks to Sustain Your #SummerBod Program


You see a photo of Coleen Garcia’s mad abs, and you swear to yourself that you will get that #SummerBod no matter-freaking-what. With your game face on, fists clenched and heart thumping faster than usual—you get ready for an intense workout. But then Instagram loaded, and a mouthwatering photo of pizza replaced the photo of her hot bod. Back to square one?

Hell no! Resist the urge to order in. Here are 8 hacks to sustain your #SummerBod program; consider these your weapons in this temptation island.


8. Strip your pantry of all junk food.


Sticking to a healthy diet is enough of a challenge as it is. Why make it harder by surrounding yourself with chips, chocolate and candy? Get rid of all those junk pronto!


7. Invest in workout gear and programs.


Get a pair of good quality running shoes, or finally kick start your boxing routine with your very own gloves. And instead of buying an exercise class per visit, why don’t you avail of the package? Not only is the latter cheaper, it’ll also motivate you to keep going.


6. Make a pact with a workout buddy.


Add another voice in your head pushing you to sweat it out by getting a workout buddy. Take the time to align goals and commitments, so you can motivate each other better. Also, why don’t you up the ante? Make a pact that whoever deviates from the agreements has to pay.


5. Make a playlist for each workout.


Choose a set of songs perfect for every part of your workout, from cardio to core-strengthening. Time each playlist to be as long as how every workout should be, so you don’t keep checking the time for an excuse to stop. That way—you only stop when the music ends.