8 Workouts for Different Personalities

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8 Workouts for Different Personalities

Are you a Crossfit, Circuit or Yoga type?

| March 18, 2015



Known as the jack-of-all-trades workout regimen, Crossfit aims to combine various exercises to help prepare you for any physical task you may encounter. You work out in classes that involve body weights, cardio, weight lifting, dynamic stretching, and a bunch of other stuff we’ve never heard of before. The best part? You don’t compete with other people from your Box (Crossfit term for “gym,” basically) but rather against yourself or your own Personal Record (PR).

Pro-tip: maraming pogi/maganda ;)

Crossfit has 6 locations across the metro: Alabang, BGC, Eastwood, San Juan, Makati and Kapitolyo. You can contact them at info@crossfitmnl.com or visit their website at www.cfmnl.com.



For those of you who are perpetually bouncing from one meeting to the next, 360 Circuit might be the workout for you. Circuit training involves a number of consecutive exercises that work out your endurance, strength and flexibility. One round of these counts as one circuit. A complete workout usually takes just 30 minutes—perfect for your lunch break.

Pro-tip: If you’re an overachiever, you can do two circuits in one lunch hour or in one day.

360 Fitness Club is located at the 22nd Floor, Strata 100 Bldg., F. Ortigas Jr. Road (formerly Emerald Ave.) Ortigas Avenue, Pasig City. You can reach them at 577-7807/09175600360, or email them at 360fitness@completethecircuit.com.



Plyometrics aims to mimic the movements you learned in the playground as a kid—jumping from the monkey bars or playing hopscotch. It works out your strength, speed, endurance and agility, meaning this workout works best for athletes and wannabe-athletes. Plyo is basically called “jump training”—a full body workout that trains your muscles through power (such as the “explosion” of jumping) and impact (like landing).

Pro-tip: Make sure your coach knows you’re a beginner, and that you’re both clear on what your fitness goals are so that the workout can be adjusted accordingly.

You can try out Plyometrics at Plyosports: 2F Unit 211 Cloverleaf Place Guadalupe, 2110 Makati City. You can reach them at +639175237285 or plyosportsph@gmail.com,



Lots of factors contribute to your daily stress level, whether it’s the boss or client from hell or just an overall bad day. Instead of taking it out on innocent passersby, take it out on a punching bag or sparring partner. Boxing helps you get stronger, it develops discipline and gives you great self-defense moves at the same time.

Pro-tip: print out a photo of what frustrates you and attach it to your punching bag. Ah, catharsis!

Elorde Boxing Gym has numerous locations across the metro. You can reach the Makati Avenue Branch at (02)7102151 or 09062760447, or visit them at http://www.elordeboxinggym.com/.



Do you miss the flexibility you had as a kid? Or are you looking for a workout that works up a sweat but helps you relax at the same time? Try yoga.

Rooted in spirituality and meditation, different forms develop different facets of wellness. For example, Hatha uses the same poses as Vinyasa Flow but holds them for shorter durations, making it more suitable for beginners, while Yin and Ashtanga tend to be a bit more physically challenging.
Pro-tip: Most sessions begin and end with a few minutes of meditation – you can use this time to sneak in a powernap.

Personally, we enjoy Yoga+ at Unit 1102 Fort Legend Towers 3rd Avenue cor. 31st Street, Global City, 1634 Taguig. You can reach them at (02)2382768 or 09276548254. Visit their website at http://www.yogaplus.ph/.



We’ve decided that Bikram Yoga deserves an entry of it’s own. Popularized for its weight-loss benefits, Bikram yoga is basically practicing poses in a heated room, which helps facilitate safer stretching and promotes weight loss and detoxification through sweating. It’s perfect if you’re guilty for that third buffet you visited this month. Also, yoga means no jumping jacks or running, so your jiggly parts won’t be put through unnecessary jiggling. Yay!

Pro-tip: Try to wear dry-fit clothes so you don’t feel that yucky after sweating.

Try Bikram Yoga at their Greenhills location: 3/F Fox Square Building, 53 Connecticut Street, Greenhills, Philipplines. You can reach them at (02)7218350 or charles@bikramyogamanila.com.



Barre3 combines 3 things: Pilates, yoga, and ballet. It aims to utilize the grace of ballet movements, the strength developed in Pilates, and the wisdom of yoga practice. O diba!

Pro-tip: If you think you’ve stretched enough, you should probably stretch some more.

You can try Barre3 at 1/F Rustans Shangri-la Plaza Mall, EDSA cor. Shaw Blvd., Mandaluyong City. You can reach them at (02)4035994/(02)8565858. You can visit their website at http://barre3.com.ph.



For people who don’t like working out in groups and prefer to train in the comforts of their living room or neighborhood, the internet is rife with free workouts. From fun sessions of Hiphop Abs to more intense P90X programs, you’re sure to find something that works for you! Working out at home has its perks: you can invite friends over, take as many breaks and breathers as you need to, and you’re spared from gym dudes hogging the mirror to watch themselves do bicep curls.

Pro-tip: Our favorite workouts are Darebee.com’s infographic workouts based on fandoms. Try the Lannister workout to get you ready in time for Season 5!

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