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World-Famous International Restaurants and Franchises We’re Still Waiting To Arrive in Manila

Anong petsa na?

| July 3, 2018


International Restaurants

and Franchises

We’re Still Waiting to Arrive in Manila

By Therese Aseoche

Manila has seen dozens of international franchises set up shop and open their doors to us that we often find ourselves thinking: “What more is there on our wishlist?”

Well, there are still plenty others to look forward to (including those set to open this year) and just the mere thought of them making their way to Manila is enough to trigger Filipino Foodies everywhere. Here are just a few restaurants and food chains that we’re still waiting to come, and still hoping to come.

Magnolia Bakery

This world-renowned bakery from New York City will have us falling back in love with cupcakes all over again. Scheduled to open soon this 2018, Magnolia Bakery is honestly nothing you’ve ever stuffed your face with — the cupcake itself is so moist, and the icing doesn’t taste like dry, artificial candy. We’re hoping that they’ll be serving us their best-selling Vanilla Buttercream cupcakes and Banana Pudding here!


Liao Fan Hawker Chan

One of the cheapest Michelin-starred restaurants in the world is slated to open its doors to Filipinos sometime soon as well, and we are beyond excited to gorge on delicious yet affordable soy sauce chicken rice that has everybody from all around the world falling in hour-long lines.


Panda Express

Anyone who’s ever tried Panda Express will understand the pain of our unfulfilled cravings for Orange Chicken. Sad to say, we’ll just have to keep counting down the days until they decide to open up a branch in Manila.



Filipinos don’t give enough love to Mexican food, but it’s mostly because there aren’t a lot of restaurants that serve them to begin with. Chipotle would be a welcome addition to the number of fast food chains we have. It could even start a burrito and guacamole trend! Yeah, they don’t have any plans on expanding to Asia yet, but people can dream.