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The Worst Things That Can Happen to You on Your Commute

Shall we roll the dice?

| November 25, 2016

The Worst Things That Can Happen to You on Your Commute

By Mike Diez


Venturing out and commuting is the best and surest way to get an adventure out of an otherwise mundane existence. That stretch between our homes and our office (or school) is packed with mysteries and unknown elements that you wonder, how many spices does one actually need in life?

Here are some of the absolute worst things that can happen to you on your commute:

8. Your phone’s battery is drained.


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You were looking forward to watching the latest episode of your favorite series. You look at your phone and realized you forgot to charge it! Huhubels.


7. Your earphones gave up on you.


Well, it HAS been three years. Or four?


6. You forgot something important and have to go back.


Traffic seems to be faster today. You think you can get to the office early and you’d be able to punch out early.  Then, boom. Have to go back. Tsk.


5. Your (insert public transportation) breaks down.


So you waited about an hour to get to the turnstile, another 30 minutes or so waiting to get inside the train, and it breaks down after the first station. Oh joy.

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