Would You Eat These Exotic Delicacies Around the World?

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Would You Eat These Exotic Delicacies Around the World?

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| May 30, 2018

Would You Eat These

Exotic Delicacies Around the World?

By Kyzia Maramara

The world is full of curious people, and it’s the only explanation for all the exotic dishes you are about to read. How else would they discover that these things tasted wonderful or horrible?  And the curiosity didn’t stop with these discoverers, it continued to people who are brave enough to try something foreign. So if you’re curious if you’re one of the bravehearts out there, read on!

1. Tarantula burger

Imagine going to a restaurant and ordering a full-grown toasted tarantula. Oh, and a side of fries to go with it. It’s every arachnophobia sufferer’s nightmare, well, that and getting rained on with spiders. A North Carolina restaurant bravely offers exotic tarantula burger but not everyone can eat it. Diners must join a raffle and whoever gets picked every other day has 48 hours to respond so he/she can claim the burger. Customers have likened the taste of the tarantulas to potato chips.

In Asia, Cambodia has their abundance of fried tarantulas as big as your hand. These are found everywhere from street vendors to restaurants!


2. Tamilok

Tamilok are giant mollusks that look like worms, they live inside mangroves found in Palawan and Aklan. Locals say they taste like oysters and love eating them raw and dipped in vinegar, but you can also have them cooked in restaurants in Palawan. The long, slimy, and milky looking worms are exotic delicacies and are sought after by foreigners!


3. Rats on a stick

Fancy a rat kebab? Thailand’s got you covered! There are people who shudder at the thought of rats in their homes and there are people who are perfectly fine with eating one. Of course the rats offered in Thailand restaurants aren’t your regular, dirty house rats, they’re rats which have been feeding in clean fields, safe to consume, stripped of fur, and roasted. But it still doesn’t change the fact that they’re rats and were once hairy!


4. Casu Marzu

This Italian dish takes exotic to a different level, one that involves live insect larvae. Casu Marzu is a type of sheep milk cheese which contains live insect larvae that would even jump 6 inches! These maggots make the cheese softer and better to the taste, although ‘better to the taste’ is largely subjective. But if you don’t want to consume the maggots (which have the tendency to live in your intestines, by the way), you can put the cheese in a sealed paper bag and wait for the maggots to die.