Yay Wednesday! | The Refreshingly Brootal Edition

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Yay Wednesday! | The Refreshingly Brootal Edition

In which we bring back the *facepalm*.

| August 10, 2016


Yay Wednesday!
The Refreshingly Brootal Edition

By Abu Poblete

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Think you’re having a bad week with all the rain, your sweldo slowly disappearing, and all the Pokémon you couldn’t catch because of work? Chin up, buddy (and use a lure module or incense, instead)! Some people in the world got it waaay worse than you do.

Here are 8 such unfortunate souls that are guaranteed to make you forget your midweek malas and start feeling like a champ instead.

8. This genetic goldmine

No, YOU are pure genius, Le Xauna.


7. This very unique menu board


It’s actually a good stretching exercise before you eat!


6. There’s something severely wrong with this Supergirl Ad


Do you see it? Okay, so this may have been photoshopped, but that didn’t stop that one prepositional error from implying a possible incestuous disaster.


5. The most useful job in the Olympics


Hey, at least you get to watch the Olympics for free! Consider yourself  lucky to even get that physically close to these studs.