Yay Wednesday! : Puro ka hugot! Edition

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Yay Wednesday! : Puro ka hugot! Edition

Belated VD.

| February 15, 2017

Yay Wednesday! :

Puro Ka Hugot! Edition

By Abu Poblete

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So. How was your week? Fun? How about your Tuesday? More fun? However you spent your Balemtayms day, we’re 100%  sure your feed was  50% Balemtayms related  and the other 50% were  posts from your single friends who, ironically, said they’re not bitter even when they actually were. But hey, it’s Wednesday and more importantly, it’s SWELDO DAY! So let’s move on from all the love stuff and get on with the meme stuff! Here’s this week’s Yay Wednesday for ya!

Beyonce aka the mother of all

Can we just pause and appreciate how flawless Bey looked at the Grammy’s?

Let’s also appreciate all the memes we’ve masterfully created from the goddess’ performance.


This adorable Asian girl knows how to properly play

Luluhod sa monggo si Barbie kapag pinasok niya tsinelas niya.


All these Jollibee memes

Of course, the aftermath of the massive Jollibee video series is worth mentioning.

Angel’s Burger offers more than Buy 1 Take 1.


Here’s some self-love courtesy of Shiel bath soap

‘Di biro maging nurse…