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Yay Wednesday!: Jolina and Marvin are Back! Edition

The internet: the gift that keeps on giving.

| January 11, 2017

Yay Wednesday!: Jolina and Marvin are Back! Edition

By Abu Poblete

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Compared to the rollercoaster of a year we all had, 2017 seems a little calmer, quieter. We know it’s too early to tell, but we have such high hopes for you, 2017. Please lang. Bud, buddy, tropa, beshie?

One thing’s for sure: We will never run out of crazy on the internet. Here are just some that flew by our radar this week:

8. Give this guy a medal!

Ladies and gentlemen, PALAKPAKAN! 2017 has already been won.


7. This new film trend

Perfect. Everything’s so perfect.


6. The new Adidas

Hope they have lechon next! Let’s see how the pig’s kilay will turn out.


5. This umm…Whatever this is

Because bad content is still content! It even went viral! And  yes, these photos are from the official page of the Office of the Presidential Assistant for the Visayas.