Yay Wednesday!: Ipapasok ko ‘to sa Facebook, bwisit ka! Edition

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Yay Wednesday!: Ipapasok ko ‘to sa Facebook, bwisit ka! Edition

Everyone has their 15 minutes.

| January 25, 2017

Yay Wednesday! :

Ipapasok ko ‘to sa Facebook, bwisit ka!


By Abu Poblete

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Ah, sibling love. One day we’re giving them the last piece of pizza, and the next day you want to turn their face into pepperoni. It’s all quite natural, as  all those with siblings would know. And right now, there’s a video populating our feeds that is so beautifully candid, real and Pinoy, that we just can’t help but love it.

In case you need reminding (which you probably don’t) here’s the hottest thing in our feed right now, and for a reason:

Bwisit ka!

If you didn’t get any of that, here’s a comic strip to help you understand this gem of a video:


And of course it became a meme; we’re in the Philippines, for crying out loud! And here are the best ones that are so good, you’ll thank your mother for giving birth to you:

2 memes in one, pakak!


I knew the kid looked familiar!


Bati na sila oh!

And the BEST parody  (Also, #CoupleGoals much?):

A video posted by lynncruz525 (@lynncruz525) on


This girl who partied so hard, she got stuck in between houses


Walwal pa more! Can’t make this stuff up. Hope they got her out safely though.


This father giving his son some quality education


Now that’s a real bayani!


The dirtiest joke of 2017 so far

Just recently, it’s been confirmed that Kylie Padilla and Aljur Abrenica are having a child. God bless him, Aljur probably did not see all these coming when he did the commercial.


The Masculados would be proud:


But congrats, Kylie and Aljur!