Yay Wednesday! | Bakit ang Pogi ni McDo? Edition

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Yay Wednesday! | Bakit ang Pogi ni McDo? Edition

Well, we didn’t need to see that recreation of that throwback photo. But, yay!

| May 3, 2017

Yay Wednesday! | Bakit ang Pogi ni McDo? Edition

By Abu Poblete

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After that 4-day super long Labor Day weekend, we’re now back to the prison that is our OT-filled lives. Still, that’s no reason to be sad, which is why this week’s Yay Wednesday! is filled with only good vibes, with just a tiny touch of weird.

Enjoy, besh! And welcome back!

This nakakaloka tweet we’d die to happen in real life

‘Cause we on an ultralight bimb!


The Met Gala aka the Rihanna appreciation party

Because she SLAYED:

And let’s not forget the other people who slayed, and those who didn’t:

Mommy, something’s wrong with Vera Wang:

But let’s be honest, it’s this ate gurl right here that really won:


Since Paulo Avelino was such a catch in Bb. Pilipinas, here’s probably the best GIF of him just for you

Ay kegwapong bata nire!


This father and son’s very disturbing recreation of a throwback photo

We’ve both grown up a bit…. 💀💀💀

Posted by Tyler Walker on Thursday, April 27, 2017

Send help please. Please.