Yay Wednesday!: Charot sa Libingan Edition

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Yay Wednesday!: Charot sa Libingan Edition

Ka-haggard ka, 2016!

| November 23, 2016

Yay Wednesday!: Charot sa Libingan Edition

By Abu Poblete

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As if 2016 wasn’t a huge bitch already, it gave us THIS week. Some guy was given the title “Commentator of the year” by SIRA CACI (or was it CACI SIRA?), Glorietta was on fire again, some other guy got buried where he should not be, and the youth are being called “unprofessional, ignorant, and too sensitive” for uniting against this guy they call a “hero”. There’s really no winning this week—or 2016 for that matter. But hey, it’s the mid-week! Yay!

8. Ethel Booba spitting truth. Charot!

There’s even a petition for her to make her own blog, mga Ka Dede S! #EthelBoobaFor2019!!!!


7. Chocolate Cheese has been invented!

A photo posted by Curds & Whey (@curdswhey) on

Huzzah! Curds and Whey, a dairy specialist in Australia, has infused chocolate into a mild blue cheese, making 2016 bearable. And critics say that it’s actually pretty good (they’ve sold out already)! How do they make chocolate cheese you ask? They ripen the Italian blue cheese in a chocolate liqueur then rub it with cocoa AND top it with chocolate chips.

Just look at this piece of culinary art!


6. The behind-the-scenes videos of Disney’s wand commercials will take you back to a simpler time.

Remember those epic Disney wand commercials our fave Disney celebs do every time a show starts?

Someone found a bunch of footage of the making of these iconic short commercials!

Here’s Raven sassing it up:

Hilary Duff starring in her purest and most awkward:

America Ferrera being adorbs:

And Lalaine’s struggle:


5. These magical comebacks.

We’re still feeling the magic of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and these HP-related posts from Noelle Capili couldn’t have come at a better time.

Here’s a feature on Noelle if you want to get to know her more!