Yay Wednesday! | Kapangyarihan ng Diaper Edition

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Yay Wednesday! | Kapangyarihan ng Diaper Edition

Kailangan ng tapal ng MRT.

| October 25, 2017

Yay Wednesday! |

Kapangyarihan ng Diaper


By Abu Poblete

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Hey, how’s your Wednesday going? Let’s turn that smile around with this week’s Yay Wednesday! And remember, if you can’t say good things, you might end up like this guy:

Iba na talaga ang mayaman


GUYS, here’s the Regine Velasquez X Sarah Geronimo duet you never knew you need

This just saved 2017, mga lodi!


Let’s hope this student was kidding

Let’s go baka, don’t be takot!


This ategurl who knows what a mic really is for

Bida ka teh!

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