Yay Wednesday!: RIP Choco Butternutz Edition

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Yay Wednesday!: RIP Choco Butternutz Edition

Bonifacio Day 2016 and we got the feels, baby.

| November 30, 2016

Yay Wednesday!: RIP Choco Butternut Edition

By Abu Poblete

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Oh, hey it’s Bonifacio day! Whether you’re in the streets rallying or staying home watching the rallyists, here’s some WTFs to fill your Wednesday!

Madam Ellen’s umm… whatever this is

We’re not sure what the frak is happening with this video but we do feel sorry for the guy who looks like he wasn’t happy with the life he’s living.


Kissable lips, diba?!?


The perfect Christmas gift for all them trolls

We will update this article once we see a legit seller.


So sinong maga-adjust? Of course it’s SM!

Filipino masa: The MMFF is filled with “indie” films!

SM: Say no more, fam.


Get get award!

Appear tayo, someone gumraduated because of the Sexbomb Girls!