Year-End Rituals to Shake Off The Nega Vibes

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Year-End Rituals to Shake Off The Nega Vibes

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| December 5, 2016

Year-End Rituals to Shake Off The Nega Vibes

By Ime Morales

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If 2016 has been a pretty bad year for you, then you’d most probably want to remove all negative traces of it from your life. If it has been a mix of good and bad, then you’d definitely want to wash the bad away and begin 2017 afresh. (If only things were that simple!)

So how does one perform a year-end cleanse? What can one do to rid the aura—the energy field—of negativity and the unpleasant-ness of the past? Here are 8 ideas.

1. Scoping


Survey your environment and make an effort or intend to remove yourself from negative spaces. If you are always around people who are always angry, for example, then it’s easy to be swept up in the negativity. It’s almost impossible to change people, but you can choose the places (virtual and physical) where you hang out.


2. De-cluttering


You have probably collected an unbelievable amount of stuff in the past year; it’s time to get rid of things that don’t serve you anymore. Yes, this includes clothes, papers, files, knick-knacks, etc. Experts say that if you have not used something in one year, then you don’t need it. Make a simple ritual of going through your things and discarding those that serve no purpose. This will free up positive spaces for new things to come in the new year.


3. Space clearing


There are various ways of clearing one’s living and working spaces. Usually, people light white candles or candles scented with lavender, vanilla, or cinnamon. Some play the drums, high frequency music, or a chant recording. You can also place herbs or plants in certain areas. Basil, lavender, peppermint, rosemary, sage, or cinnamon are known to have protective qualities against negativity. (Crystals and semi-precious stones like tourmaline could work for you, too.) In general, however, plants can help clear not only the air around us but also the energy space.


4. Giving thanks


It can’t be all bad. So take a moment and list down all the things you are grateful for. Consider the big blessings as well as the smaller ones. It is always important not to get caught up in the problems and the lack, and to realize that we have so much. You can start a gratitude notebook where you write down 10 things you are grateful for every day—the beginning of the year is the perfect time to start this. Or, you can join the Santosha project here.