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You May Have Forgotten That All of These Happened This Year

Here’s what you missed this 2017!

| December 27, 2017

You May Have Forgotten

That All of These Happened

This Year

By Dani Panopio

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Can we all agree that 2017 was the worst year ever; we’re not overreacting, we’re just stating a fact. Who knew that a lot could happen in just 365 days? With much of the year flying by, we forgot that all of these infamous moments happened in just one year.

La La Land Won Best Picture… For Only A Few Minutes

In what seemed to be a sequel to that Miss Universe mix-up, this year’s Academy awards saw musical film La La Land claim the Best Picture award, (supposedly) beating out 8 other films. Everything was going great: the producers were giving out their speeches, when suddenly they learn that their film actually lost, and it was LGBT-themed film Moonlight who won. Let’s just say there was an awkward after party that happened.


The Kids Who Interrupted Their Dad’s Interview

Who could ever forget that video of political analyst Robert Kelly and his cute family? The viral video of Kelly while being interviewed by BBC about serious matters turned hilarious when his four year old daughter Marion danced her way in the room followed by nine month old James who also crashed the video in a baby walker. Cuteness overload!


Kendall Jenner Thought We Could Have World Peace with A Bottle of Pepsi

Oh Kendall, why are you such a problematic fave??? The problematic ad is not only tone-deaf, but the fact that Pepsi got Kendall, who’s not a person of color, is problematic alone.


Beyoncé Gifted the World with the Birth of Her Twins

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Queen Bey was generous enough to share a photo of her twins, Rumi and Sir, and basically saved our 2017.