Your Guide to Summer Flings

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Your Guide to Summer Flings

Summer fling, makes me feel fine.

| March 17, 2017

4. Don’t make it about sex…

It’s not what summer flings are always about. If you’re spending a long time away from home and your date seems like an interesting enough person to hang out with (or if you regularly do it with them during your trip anyway), then try doing a few casual activities together, like visit museums or go hiking. It doesn’t have to be awkward as long as you don’t make it awkward.


3. …but don’t expect anything serious.


There’s a reason why summer flings are called “flings.” Trust me — you don’t want to suffer a long distance relationship from a supposed short-term romance you wanted to level up, especially when: a) it isn’t worth it; and b) you hardly know the person.


2. Keep your standards not-so-high

Via Shughal

Remember that you’re looking for someone to get busy with under the sheets; not someone to introduce to your parents. So there’s not much use in finding “the perfect one” because they’re not for keeps anyway.


1. End it and don’t look back

What happens in the summer stays there.


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