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Your Ultimate Guide to Fete de La Musique 2018

Let the sunshine in!

| June 14, 2018

Your Ultimate Guide

to Fete de La Musique


By Therese Aseoche

June may have started off wet and gloomy, but here’s news for you that would instantly brighten up your day: it’s Fête de La Musique month once again!

Yes, this much-awaited musical event that brings thousands of Filipino music lovers together across multiple stages in Makati is returning this June, promising to be bigger and better than ever before.

Here’s the only guide you’ll ever need to navigate through Fête de La Musique 2018 as easy as possible!

It’s celebrating its 24th year this year

Fête de La Musique began in 1982 when then French Minister of Culture Jack Lang introduced the event to France with the goal of bringing anyone and everyone out to the streets to play music or listen to music.

It always takes place on the 21st of June which, in France, is the first day of summer — a great time to celebrate and be among different friends and strangers enjoying the colorful music scene.

To date, Fête de La Musique is celebrated across 700 cities in 120 countries, including Manila, Philippines where it is one of the only places that features a multi-stage format.


There will be two Main stages in Makati

There will be two main stages to rock out at: A. Venue Open Parking Lot, which will feature bands like Cheats, Kjwan, and Oh Flamingo, and Greenbelt 3 Park, which will have artists like Ourselves the Elves, She’s Only Sixteen, and BP Valenzuela with Tarsius.


…as well as 39 different Pocket Stages

Of course, the true highlight of Fête de La Musique is the different pocket stages all over Makati City which are all segregated into the vast number of music genres we have here in the Philippines. There’s a stage for every person’s music taste — an Acoustic Stage at ASPACE Manila with artists like Reese Lansangan and Clara Benin, a Post-Rock Stage at Acceler8 Coworking featuring bands like Fools and Foes and Run Dorothy, and an Indie Stage at Riverside Studios featuring The Ransom Collective and Orange & Lemons, among plenty of others!


There’s a Fête PH App (with free beer!)

Probably one of the main highlights of Fête de La Musique this year is the new Fête PH app, made in partnership with Bizooku, which contains all the information you’ll ever need to navigate through Fête de La Musique with ease!

It has the map of all the main and pocket stages, a list of all the contact details of each location, and it will send you real-time updates of the entire festival via push notifications.

Plus, anyone who has this app will be entitled to one free beer!