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Your Ultimate Pride Month To-Watch List on Netflix

Happy Pride Month!

| June 17, 2018

Your Ultimate Pride Month

To-Watch List on Netflix

By Therese Aseoche

Pride month is all about celebrating love, acceptance, and the LGBTQ+ community. We’ve compiled a list of must-watch films and series on Netflix that feature and commemorate the community, their culture, their ideals, and their struggles which you can watch with your friends, your family, or your bae!


Sense8 has captured hearts for its diverse cast of characters from different races, cultures, backgrounds, and sexualities. Delve deep into its world full of thrills, action, and butt-kicking up until its two-hour season finale which was just released!

Watch it on Netflix here.


Alex Strangelove

We have been graced with a number of LGBTQ+ films this year, and Netflix is adding one more to the list with original film Alex Strangelove. Here, we’ll meet High school Senior Alex Truelove whose plan to lose his virginity to his girlfriend Claire goes awry when he meets this cool guy at a party.

Watch it on Netflix here.



An all-new series on Netflix, Champions tells of a washed-up jock named Vince who gets the surprise of his life when his high-school fling, Priya, shows up at his doorstep with his out-and-proud teenage son. The comedy series follows Vince as he learns about fatherhood, one show tune at a time.

Watch it on Netflix here.


Queer Eye

Queer Eye, the modern reboot of its predecessor Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, features a whole new and even more loveable cast of tastemakers (all of whom have their quirks and specializations), and are here to give men the best advice on fashion, grooming, food, culture, and design in the hopes of changing their lifestyles, perspectives, and relationships with others.

Watch it on Netflix here.