8 Artists

We Would Like to Perform

in Manila this 2018

By Kyzia Maramara

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2018 isn’t here yet but a lot of us are already looking forward to it because of the abundance of international artists scheduled to perform in the Philippines. These include Paramore, Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Ed Sheeran, Fifth Harmony and many more! Every announcement would shock the world of fandoms especially because all the ticket selling are close together. And yet, we obviously want more!

If at all possible, please bring these acts here too!

1. John Mayer

John must be a very patient man. His first performance in the Philippines (2010) was a decade after his debut album Room for Squares and it’s his last concert in the Philippines to date. Still, with the release of The Search for Everything, we’re hoping he might consider coming back. It’s been 7 long years John; we can’t wait to see you!


2. Fall Out Boy

Via Spin

The announcement of Paramore’s concert was a cause for unexplainable joy for pop punk fans everywhere! 2018 would be a great year, but not quite perfect, a Fall Out Boy concert would be cherry on top of a delectable chocolate cake! The band was last here in 2013, their third concert in the Philippines, it’s about time they come to our side of the world again and perform their upcoming album, Mania. What a hashtag that would be, too! #ManiaManila2018


3. The Corrs

The Corrs might have disappeared for a long time but they still deliver! A tour might be possible because they’ve just released their newest album Jupiter Calling. For the fans of this quartet, keep on petitioning for them to visit us!


4. Taylor Swift

With the release of her fourth and already iconic studio album Reputation, Taylor Swift will undoubtedly be gearing for a world tour and we hope that Manila is on her list! Although her fans might be stretched too thin from all the concert tickets to buy for next year, seeing Taylor and all her majestic rage in the flesh will be worth it.

5. Khalid

The 19-year-old Khalid is taking over the world with his sold out concerts and devoted fans.  Maybe he’ll have enough reason to take his concerts internationally and then drop by our country. I’m pretty sure his Filipino fans will be more than down for it. Let’s just hope they’re not too broke.


6. Passion Pit

Passion Pit has been to the Philippines but never for a solo act. Since they’ve just released Tremendous Sea of Love, we’re obviously expecting a tour to follow. Although melancholy, Tremendous Sea of Love is such a riveting album that sounds like it could make you cry when you hear it live. Well, we’ll be waiting for you to make us cry, Michael.


7. Katy Perry

If there’s one concert you should definitely go to before you die, it’s a Katy Perry concert and we’re not even exaggerating here. Every show is filled with colorful production numbers that really took a lot of effort, and of course the vocal prowess of the legend that is Katy Perry. We miss her shows!


8. Imagine Dragons

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Imagine Dragons is one of our most favorite bands. Their superpower is that they’re incapable of producing a single bad song – expertly weaving from alternative rock to pop songs! They graced the Manila concert scene last August 2015 and a lot has happened since then. For starters, they’ve released their new album earlier this year entitled Evolve. Fans are quaking with excitement with the realization that they might announce the Evolve tour soon!


Which artist do you want to come next year? Share it with us!

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