8 Best Fish to Put in an Aquarium

By Patti Sunio

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Remember when default desktop screensavers were digital fish tanks? There’s even a cable channel for that now. Ever wondered why doctors and dentists’ clinics almost always have an aquarium?

It is believed that watching aquarium fish can have curative effects, such as lowering your blood pressure, reducing feelings of anxiety, helping you sleep, and improving your mood. And if that hasn’t convinced you yet, maybe this list of low-maintenance fish will change your mind:


Because of its aggressive nature, the betta fish are also called the Siamese fighting fish. It sounds threatening, but the betta will only be hostile towards other betta, so as long as you keep just one betta, the tank remains peaceful.

Betta fish are a popular starter fish choice as it is visually appealing! It’s impossible not to get drawn to its colorful fins and tail.


Cory Catfish

The cory catfish are peaceful in nature and will be happy co-existing with others of its kind (best to keep them in groups of three!). They are notorious eaters, so you can be sure that the bottom of your tank will be kept clean of algae and such. The most interesting part is how the cory catfish can manage to live for up to 20 years!



The danio fish are very low-maintenance; they can live in various water conditions and aren’t picky with food. It’s definitely one of the most popular starter fishes for beginners. What gives the danio fish personality is how they are very active and their tank activities are fun to watch!



Guppies come in a wide range of colors, so it’ll definitely be a joy watching them all together in a tank. The guppy fish can be fed either frozen or live food, but in actuality, they can manage to survive for a week without food!

Kuhli Loach

This eel-like fish is such a curious thing to watch, you won’t regret including it in your tank! They are a peaceful breed (best kept in threes) and are harmonious tank dwellers, are bottom feeders, and can adapt very well to water changes.



The platy fish are known for crazy breeding, so if that’s your plan, then all you have to do is put in males and females (the recommendation is to put more females than males) together. Otherwise, keep them away from each other.

The platy fish are great for community tanks as they can live together with any non-aggressive fish. They aren’t picky with diet, too, and can survive even in poor water quality.



The swordtail fish might just be your favorite fish group, as they will clean the tank of you (a grateful gesture for feeding them!) and aren’t demanding when it comes to water conditions. Best kept in groups of at least five, you’re sure to have fun seeing them together! The swordtail fish can grow for up to 12cm.


White Cloud

The white cloud fish has an interesting behavior. They thrive well in a community tank, and when not in the company of other small fish, it is said that they lose their color and they tend to hide. The white cloud fish can grow for up to 4cm, are a peaceful breed, and will eat most foods.


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