It’s no secret that DC and Marvel have been copying notes since day one. That’s why there are several characters from both brands that are so alike!

That being said, there’s only one way to settle this: a head-to-head matchup between similar DC and Marvel characters to determine who the superior one is! Let the battle (and the discussions) begin!


Batman vs. Punisher

Both were featured in a crossover special in 1994.  They’re both meta-humans with gruesome pasts that involve the murder of their families. They’re both martial arts experts. They’re both obsessed with justice. But Batman still has the edge having the superior intellect. In this battle of human brawns, it’s the dude with the brains that’ll triumph. (Oh, and Batman battles super beings on the regular, while the Punisher’s greatest adversaries include an overweight mob boss and a guy with the power to throw stuff with deadly accuracy.)

Winner: Batman


Superman vs. Thor

One is superhuman alien, the other the god of thunder; these two first clashed in the JLA/Avengers crossover series that has been in production since the 70s, and finally came out in 2003. Superman is a god in his own right, though, and is capable of dealing fatal damage when pushed to the limit (how’s that neck feeling, General Zod?) Thor the Asgardian has lightning powers and magic, but these aren’t Kryptonite. Besides, Superman has dealt with Shazam’s lightning easily, so how’s Thor’s any different. This might go down to the wire, but Superman has the edge.

Winner: Superman


Darkseid vs Thanos

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Appearing in the now classic (well, depends on who you ask) Amalgam storyline that fuses both Marvel and DC universe, there was never any real resolution in the fight between these two powerful beings in that series. Darkseid is a baaad mutha, make no mistake about it. But Thanos would wipe the floor with him. Darkseid has been taken down by the Justice League, and even singlehandedly by Superman on occasion. Thanos, on the other hand, snapped his fingers and half of the universe’s population went “poof!” The victor here is clear.

Winner: Thanos


Flash vs. Quicksilver

These speedsters fought each other in the aforementioned JLA/Avengers crossover series. Based on video data of both The Flash and Quicksilver gathered from the Flash TV series and the X-Men movies, a physicist has been able to determine that Quicksilver is in fact the faster individual . He might have to recompute, though, considering the Flash can tap into the Speedforce and basically turn back time using his speed.

Winner: The Flash


Hawkeye vs. Green Arrow

This is as evenly matched as it gets. Both dudes are human, and possess uncanny skills with a bow and arrow. Both also have troubled pasts, which give them the grit and edge to be the best archers of the land. But Green Arrow has taken on a “no kill” policy, and is often fond of using gimmicky arrows instead of real ones (i.e. arrow punching glove tip.) Hawkeye has made no such promise, and therefore will not hesitate, when his back is against the wall, to fire one of his tactical explosive arrows at Green Arrow.

Winner: Hawkeye


Wonder Woman vs. Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers)

The Amazon Princess is not impervious to physical damage, but has an edge with magical, mythical weaponry. She also wins in a “who’s sexier” contest by a mile. But is she a match for the cosmic powers of Captain Marvel? Yes, Absolutely. She is a goddess and the daughter of Zeus, so she can only be killed by other gods. Carol Danvers also lacks actual combat training, so this fight would be pretty one sided.

Winner: Wonder Woman


Aquaman vs Namor the Sub-Mariner

Both rule the oceans, both can talk to and control the fishies, and both have tridents. On paper this is a fair fight, but Aquaman is the true ruler of the deep. He can control weather patterns, has dueled and defeated gods, and has telepathic abilities which give him a definite mental advantage. Also, it’s clear who the copycat here was. Sorry, Namor.

Winner: Aquaman


Deathstroke vs. Deadpool

Both are highly trained assassins, but only one has a solo movie deal. Even if Deadpool was a stone-cold rip-off of Deathstroke (Wade Wilson and Slade Wilson? C’mon Marvel…) he still wins because he’s the fourth wall breaking, non apologetic, anti-hero everyone has come to love. Deathstroke, for all his badassery, can’t beat ratings and box office sales like that.

Winner: Deadpool

Which DC vs Marvel face-off would you like to see? Share your thoughts with us below!


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