8 Harmful Ingredients

Found in Beauty Products

By Patti Sunio

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Beauty comes with a cost, they say. And while the saying holds true in more ways than one, the road to perfection, most of all, may actually put your overall health at risk. It’s about time we do our research and check what goes into the beauty products that we so lavishly put on our bodies.

Here are 8:


Parabens are a common ingredient found in your makeup, your bath products, shampoos and facial cleansers and even your deodorant. It is used to prevent the growth of mold, yeast, bacteria and all the icky things, on your products. The bad side, however, is that paraben contains chemicals that can be absorbed through your skin, and increase your risk of breast cancer.


Artificial colors

If your product contains any artificial coloring, it’ll appear as FD&C or D&C on the label. This means, the coloring is sourced from coal tar or petroleum, which are human carcinogens—a.k.a. skin irritants that have also been linked to causing ADHD in children.


Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) or Sodium laureth sulfate (SLES)

This popular ingredient is usually added to products to achieve that the soapy, foamy effect. Admittedly, the bubbles make us think it’s washing us squeaky clean, when in fact, this ingredient may cause us kidney and respiratory damage.



“Fragrance” is another word for the manufacturing company’s secret formula. Sounds cool, but the danger is that these fragrance mixes can actually cause a multitude of disorders such as skin allergies, dermatitis, and respiratory and reproductive diseases. Other than scents, fragrances are added to a range of beauty and bath products.


This is another ingredient that preserves your products and can be commonly found in your nail polishes, cleansers, eye shadow, body wash, and more. However, this preservative is proven to be harmful to your immune system, may increase your risk of nasal and nasopharyngeal cancer, and can cause allergic skin reactions.



Homosalate is a kind of chemical that’s called salicylates, which is the ingredient used in protecting skin from the harmful rays of the sun. As the homosalate soaks up UV light, UVB rays, which are believed to cause DNA damage and skin cancer, are also absorbed in the process.


Butylated compounds

Labeled as BHT or BHA on your products, these compounds are added to prolong shelf life. You’ll find it in your eye shadow palette, your lip tints, your blush powder and foundation, and your moisturizer and cleanser. It has been found that BHT and BHA can cause skin allergies and may even promote tumor growth.


Peg compounds or PEG

Often found in cream-based products, this compound is used to thicken or soften your cosmetics. The reason why it is harmful is that it can be contaminated with ethylene oxide and 1,4-dioxane, which are not good for the nervous system.


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