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from Kim Jae Joong’s Fanmeet

That Triggered the “Old” K-Pop Fans

By Tynne De Leon

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If you’ve been a fan of K-Pop since the early 2000s, we bet you’ve gushed over the “vocal gods” that is DBSK back in 2006. They’re probably even the reason why you got into the K-pop scene! Unforunately, they eventually broke up and never got to do a concert here in the Philippines.

But thank goodness destiny found a way!

Last November 30, the ultimate “visual shock” of K-Pop and former DBSK member, Kim Jaejoong, has finally come to Manila to meet his Pinoy fans. It was a super intimate fanmeet attended by fans of DBSK and JYJ (his current group which consists of two other former DBSK members.) It’s like meeting your first love after so many years! Full of nostalgia and love, here are some of the best moments from the fanmeet:

The pajama party!

People walking along Araneta Center might have looked twice when they saw people wearing pajamas on the street. That’s because the fanmeet’s theme is pajama party! It reminded us of the time when every male K-pop groups back then tried to be aegyo. A fan even wore a Victoria’s Secret lingerie that the host even called her onstage to participate in one of the games. The girl obviously didn’t expect to interact with her idol… while wearing a lingerie.


Kring Elenzano as host

Of course, if you’re an old K-Pop fan, you would definitely know Kring Elenzano-Kim. She has been hosting K-Pop events ever since, and she has married an oppa herself! Talk about goals! Her witty and funny hosting definitely hyped up the crowd, especially that she’s a fan of Jaejoong herself.


He sang some of his songs.. and danced to DBSK’s Rising Sun!

The first half part was all fun and games, but everyone definitely waited to hear him sing live. He finally showed off his powerful vocals by the end, when he sang Now is Good and Good Morning Night which made us want to slap our faces to see if this was real. His brief dancing to DBSK’s Rising Sun even made our hearts skip a beat!


K-Pop meets OPM

Probably one of our favorite segments: fans were delighted to hear Jaejoong hum along to some OPM hits while they guess the title of the songs. Some songs featured were “Basang-basa sa Ulan” by Aegis, “Tadhana” by UDD and “Forevermore” by Side A. He sang “Forevermore” so well! Jaejoong also danced along to some Pinoy pop hits like the “Spaghetti Song”, “Whoops Kiri”, and “Otso Otso” which hyped up the Pinoy fans!

The tagay segment!

Jaejoong tried our favorite comfort foods a.k.a. pulutan! And what’s a pulutan without a drink? He had two cups of beer while tasting sisig, chicharong bulaklak, and kinilaw. He liked most of them, but he’s definitely shookt with some ingredients.


The cute interpreter

[NEW OPPA ALERT] ‘Coz sooo many people have been tweeting/messaging me about him, I just decided to make a post! 😅 So our interpreter from last night is none other than Kim Jae… Gul. LOL. Muntik na maging Joong! You can call him Jae and he’s a UST student. He speaks fluent Korean, English and Tagalog. He plays the guitar as well so pwede nya kayong harana-hin kyemerlin. Mga tipong Forevermore tsaka Basang Basa sa Ulan, ganern. He was also my interpreter for the Park Hyungsik Presscon and HE HAS A SHORT FILM COMING OUT SOON! 😍 Abangan nyo yan!! Balita ko malupet yung writer-director-executive producer nung short film na yun 😂😂😂 Anyway, his IG handle is @kimgulgul so gora the explorer!!! Laban Leni na! Nga pala, magtatayo na kami ng official fanclub nya so PM me na lang if you wanna apply (and for other inquiries too cheret) hahahahahahaha!!! O sya, enjoy your new oppa~ You’ll def see more of him soon! And yes, you’re welcome 😉

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Aside from the charming Kim Jae Joong, another person that left an impression was none other than his interpreter. People have been pointing out his good looks during the fanmeet! Apparently, he’s a student from the University of Santo Tomas, and he’s also served as translator in many K-Pop concerts and fanmeets in PH! You can check him out on Instagram: You’re welcome.


The reunion of old friendships

K-Pop has definitely formed unique friendships over the years through concerts, fan gatherings and social media. And Jaejoong’s fans are some of the pioneers in the scene: they’ve waited since 2003 for this to happen! Their love for K-Pop remain strong. It’s a fanmeet full of reunions and reminiscing of those precious fangirling days of the good, old K-Pop. Here’s a photo of JYJ Philippines.


Jaejoong’s PH comeback after 11 years

It was still the heyday of DBSK, Jae Joong’s former group, when they went to the Philippines for an ad shoot. Sadly, they never get to have a concert here until the group’s eventual break-up, with Kim Jae Joong forming the group JYJ with the other two members of TVXQ. Imagine how emotional the fans were when they finally heard his angelic voice.


Who else do you want to have a fanmeet here in PH? Tell us in the comments section below!

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