8 Jeje Rap Songs That We Secretly Loved

By Tynne De Leon

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There are several times in our lives when we encounter jeje rap songs. Either you’ll hear them on computer shops when you were in high school, or your ride on jeepneys, played at full volume. Some made you cringe, but admit it: some songs became your guilty pleasures. The beats are so sick, you even headbanged to most of them. Come high school reunion and you’re all singing along with these so-called “jeje songs.” They’ve brought so many memories!

We’ve compiled old and new favorites that you might want to listen to again. Get ready for a cringe-worthy LSS party. Enjoy!

8. Momay – Juan Thugs

Hands down, another all-time favorite. It’s one of those songs you love playing during a drinking session with high school friends.


7. Basta May Alak, May Balak –Skusta Clee and OC Dawgz

Behind its playful melody, it’s a very honest song that raises awareness against harassment and rape. The rap part is so lit; you feel powerful when you know every line.


6. Classmate – Hambog ng Sagpo Crew ft. Winhope

Remember those silly things you did for your high school crush? This song will remind you of that old self you don’t want to look back on.


5. Sa Gitna ng Ulan – Curse One feat. Smugglaz and Vlync

Admit it, you still memorize every line of this song. The melody is so smooth and chill, and the next thing you know, you’re playing it over and over again.

4. Ang GF kong Selosa – Hambog ng Sapro ft. Ynnah

Shoutout to those couples who fight because of jealousness: this song is your anthem.


3. Venus – Ron Henley ft. Yumi

Ron Henley’s music is pure eargasm and the lyrics have a sincere meaning. And this song proved that.


2. Masaya Ako Sa’yo – Curse One ft. Yumi

It’s hard not to sing along to this Curse One classic; the beat is so sick and the overall vibe is just chill.


1. Kabet – Gagong Rapper ft. Kyla

This song is a classic. We can’t deny that we still memorize every line—even the rap part. We even volunteer to sing the rap part once it’s on videoke.


What is your favorite jeje song? Share with us in the comments section below!

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