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By Jerica Chingcuangco

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We love our fandoms, we love our collectibles, and if more brands could acknowledge that a market for functional and fannish products can exist at the same time for a female/female-identifying audience, that would be great. So if brands can put our fandoms overtly on our make-up packaging, we are so there.

Here are some Brand collaborations we’d love to see more of—whether they’re better, improved versions of the same theme or just another Limited Edition run—because lbr, once wasn’t enough.

1. Marvel x The Face Shop

Amp up the contents of your kikay kit with The Face Shop’s Marvel Collection. With a comic strip inside the eyeshadow palettes, badass box packaging, gorgeous packaging colors, and Captain America shield stickers on individual eyeshadow pots, this collection was a must for any Marvel fan.

The Captain America shield-designed cushion compact from this collection sold out so fast, it barely made it for export outside South Korea’s shores. Which is a testament to the power of packaging, if there ever was any, as the Anti-Darkening Cushion itself garnered only average reviews and even became part of The Face Shop’s Miracle Cushion line after its LE Marvel packaging run.

Sadly, the rest of the products in The Face Shop’s Marvel line were designed in a more mass marketable manner, with only the boxes being overtly Marvel—one glance at the lipsticks and liners outside of their box packaging wouldn’t even give a strong brand recall.


2. Archie’s Girls x MAC

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Netflix’s Riverdale has brought forward a new generation of Archie fans, so it feels like it’s time to have another Archie-themed make-up collaboration, yes?


3. Super Mario Bros. x Shu Uemura

Just how cute are those eyeshadow palette designs?

One-up your friends with Super Mario Bros. x Shu Uemura’s Limited Edition packaging. Score eyeliners, blushes, lipsticks, eyeshadow palettes, and skin care products designed with your favorite Nintendo character. Shu Uemura even released a Super Mario Bros. Limited Edition version of their iconic award winning eyelash curler! The packaging of the items in the collection alone already gives us sound flashbacks to the Super Mario Bros. theme.


4. Pokémon x Tony Moly

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It’s a life-long journey to be the very best, with Pokémon  still   releasing games every year and continuing to update the mobile game that took the world by storm two years ago—Pokémon Go groups are still active around the metro. What better way to make sure you’re prepped and ready to catch them all with an arsenal of facial masks, cushions, and creams?

5. Gudetama x Holika Holika

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Holika Holika is no stranger to unique packaging, from their Pig-Nose Clear Bye Bye Blackhead line to their Holi Pop Water Tint. Their Gudetama collaboration takes the cute packaging to another level, whether it’s cracking a smile at Gudetama’s cuteness translated into product packaging (just look at that face on the Lazy and Easy Smooth Egg Peeling Gel container!) before your skin care routine or sympathetically feeling that “same fam” ennui on seeing this breakout Sanrio character when you start your day.


6. Wonder Woman x MAC

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MAC’s Limited Edition Wonder Woman collection came out in 2011, with the Wonder Woman logo emblazoned on everything from lipstick, mascara, nail lacquer, to powder blush. With the 2017 Patty Jenkins critical blockbuster film, it’s high time for another Wonder Woman collection. Maybe in time for the movie sequel, perhaps?


7. Sailormoon x Creer Beaute

How’s this for a childhood throwback? Japanese brand Creer Beaute (owned by Bandai) released Limited Edition Sailormoon-themed cosmetics as part of their 20th anniversary. The collection included make-up powder, lipstick, lip balm, eyeliners, nail polish, and nail stickers all designed after the brooches and wands the Sailor Soldiers used in the hit anime. Aside from that, they carry other Sailormoon-designed cosmetics as part of their regular line. Transforming into a magical girl has never been so easy—Moon Crystal Power Make-Up!


8. Agent Carter x Bésame Cosmetics

Bésame Cosmetics is a vintage luxury make-up brand created in 2004. Their most recent collection is centered on Marvel’s Agent Peggy Carter and is set to launch this April. In a tweet from 2014, Hayley Atwell, the actress who plays Agent Carter in the MCU and Agent Carter series, mentioned using Bésame’s 1946 Red Velvet lipstick in the show.

The Agent Carter: 1946 Collection knocks it out of the park, with Bésame running the marketing campaign and the collection around Carter’s spy persona. The collection includes a lipstick, translucent powder designed as a compass, and an eyeshadow palette designed as a passport. Plus, every order of products from the collection will include a free copy of the Bésame Bugle. With Avengers: Infinity War right around the corner, this collaboration couldn’t have come at a better time.


What other such collabs do you know of? Tell us below!

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