What does it mean to win in life? It could mean different things to people – travelling to your dream destination, tying the knot, or getting that job. Some of us get caught up in the business of everyday life, that we may forget to recognize and enjoy the many winning moments that we get to experience – experiences that make life worthwhile. Let’s not forget these 8 moments that prove we are indeed winning in life:

Treating Your Parents to Dinner on Their Birthday

Finally getting to give back to your parents who’ve taken care of you your whole life and gave you everything you need is definitely a proud winning moment to anyone. Celebrating and taking care of everything on their birthday will be more meaningful now as you give back to the people who supported you in every step of the way and made you the person you are today.

Going the Extra Mile for Your Friends

Sometimes our hectic schedule takes a toll on our personal lives. We find ourselves often prioritizing our work over hanging out with our friends. Commitment is not limited to romantic relationships, it also extends to your family of choice – your friends. We may have a lot of priorities on our plate but whenever we go the extra mile for them, we win over life as we treasure the people who will always be there for us no matter what.

Booking Your First Solo Travel Trip

That winning moment when you’ve finally booked your first solo travel trip is you reaching your peak of independence. The experience is life-changing! Winning in life entails expanding your horizons, doing things you thought were impossible on your own, and testing your limits.

Joining a Cause

It could be tutoring public school kids on your free time, helping to save the environment, or giving stray animals a new home, joining a cause can give you a strong sense of purpose in life. There’s a different feeling of happiness that comes from caring for others and seeing the difference it makes to the world and the people around you.


Starting Your Own Passion Project

Pursuing your dreams might take a while longer than you’d expect. There might be trials to hurdle, fears to conquer, or even everyday routines and comforts to let go of and uncertainties to face, but once you pursue your passions, no matter how big or small they may be, you’re going to feel that strong sense of accomplishment.


Finally Getting That Award/Promotion You Deserve

The feeling of being recognized for your hard work pays off for those tireless days. Nothing is sweeter than being appreciated for your skills and talents by the people you look up to.


Seeking Opportunities for Growth and Learning

Learning never stops. Even if you graduate, even if you’re on your third job, not even when you think you’ve learned it all. Always seeking opportunities for growth and learning allows you to be more pro-active in life and it lets you discover the world beyond your comfort zone. Take the chance, enroll in that dance class, nobody is ever old enough to try new things!


Deciding To Be Your Own Cheerleader Because a Positive Attitude Is Your Key To Success

At the end of the day, the only validation you’ll need is from yourself. Keep your head above water, drown out all the negativity, and slay! Experience more winning moments in life by motivating yourself and keeping that positive attitude.

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