People cheered when National Museum of Natural History in Manila opened its doors to the public. Having free admission, it opened doors for broader art appreciation. Soon thereafter, people were starting to notice the varied and equally captivating museums around the metro. Museums are currently enjoying a renaissance period among Filipinos.

Unfortunately, some negatives seem to pop on the side. It’s understandable when people are just being introduced to something new and they don’t act in accordance to what is required. But museums aren’t parks. To guide you in not committing any faux pas, here are some museum etiquette you might want to take note of before visiting one.


1. Be quiet.


Help preserve the ambiance and the solitude by not chatting with your friends or by not answering that phone call. Every museum serves you a nice lobby where seats are provided. You can exhaust all conversations there before proceeding inside.


2. Do not litter.


Really, should this be still initiated? If you really appreciate what you see, you’d more likely be expected to not disrupt the setting. It wouldn’t be much of an effort to put that candy wrapper or museum ticket in your bag and I’m sure bins are provided outside.


3. Leave unnecessary baggage.

Especially if you’re planning to go during the weekends, free yourself (and others as well) from hassle. Expect a crowd and help save up space. You don’t need to bring a lot, all you need is that handy bag, a nice camera and well, of course, good manners.


4. Share the view.

I know, you’re excited to see and have a nice view of the artworks on show. But remember that other people would also want to see them, so make sure to keep a good amount of space from every piece (and please, do not cross over the line –even kids know what lines are for).


5. Flash off.


You might do this unintentionally, but the flash of your camera could a) distract others from their personal viewing or worse, b) damage the spontaneity of the artwork. Just keep it real and original. Forget about having that perfect shot and trust the natural lights provided. Besides, not even a perfect photograph would win over an actual artwork observation.


6. Be careful.


It is important to be always mindful of your surroundings. Watch your step, keep up your pace (if you’re with a group) and most importantly, DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING. You do not want to cause a scene or pay for any damage, do you? Besides, if you’re really that curious about an artwork and how it feels under your touch, I suggest you buy it first and enjoy the piece for yourself, at home.


7. No eating and drinking.


Every museum maintains a theme or an atmosphere and I’m sure that the smell of burgers and fries is not part of it. Also, to avoid the horror of spilling over flat laid art pieces, it would be better not to bring inside any drink that would make the event possible. Anyways, the visit wouldn’t buy much of your time, you could either eat before you visit, or just go afterward.


8. Save that Instagram post for later.


In a world wherein almost everything is instant, for a change, delay that Instagram post. You do not have to immediately let the world know about your experience. As some say, the best things in life are those which can’t be documented. So, turn off your mobile data and seize the moment!

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