A hairstyle has the power to change a person’s face (and/or life), make headlines, start (or end) a career, and even mark an era. Over the past few decades, we’ve seen trailblazing men and women — both real and fictional — create trends and foster entire subcultures with their hair.

*Hair* are 8 that put an indelible mark in popular consciousness, that with the help of a great barber, your trusty comb, and a great shampoo, you can still wear today.

The Pompadour

Named after a mistress of King Louis XV, the hairstyle was most famously rocked during the ‘50s and early ‘60s by King of Rock and Roll Elvis Presley and Hollywood star James Dean. The pompadour remains to be one of the most popular hairstyles even after two centuries. Just walk inside a mall and see if we’re lying.

How to get the look: It’s easy to do; grease your hair and brush ‘em all up!


The Moptop

Via Vogue

The Beatles is one of the most influential bands that forever changed the music scene. Their influence encompassed not only the music industry, but also fashion. The Fab Four’s signature hairdo remains as iconic as their music catalogue. You can see it on the members of the band IV of Spades.

How to get the look: Just go to your favorite barber and say “Beatles Moptop”.


The Dreads

One of the most influential artists of all time, Bob Marley introduced reggae, the Rastafari movement, and of course, dreadlocks to the rest of the world. While this style goes back to ancient times, and it’s been worn for various reasons — from religion, to ethnic pride, expressing political views — it’s become a symbol of a free spirit.

How to get the look: Grow your hair long. No shampoos and no combing.


The Fro

Via Time

The Jackson 5, Prince, Jimi Hendrix, Lenny Kravitz. These are just some of the legendary names that sported the famous hairdo that catapulted it to pop culture history. The transcendental hairstyle etched its iconic status thanks to its universal appeal and its significance in the Black is Beautiful movement. You can see some examples of the ‘fro on some of our PBA players.

How to get the look: Should be easy for kinky-haired Pinoys—just grow out your hair! Otherwise, you might need to get a perm.


The Mullet

Via GQ

Long before Billy Ray Cyrus and other country artists started rocking the hairstyle for the better part of the 90s, Beatles icon Paul McCartney and Ziggy Stardust aka David Bowie famously sported the hairstyle during the 70s. We also couldn’t forget tennis superstar Andre Agassi, who completely changed the hair game by accessorizing it with a bandana. Don’t get us started on Michael Bolton.

How to get the look: Just tell your barber to give you the “business in the front, party at the back” cut to get that MacGyver look.


The Flat Top

The 90s were all about Will Smith and his Fresh Prince character, so it was natural that his popular flat top hairstyle would be iconic as well. The flat top may seem to scream “90s”, but in recent years the hairstyle has seen its own evolution to embrace a more modern look.  See also: Francis M.

How to get the look: Lucky for you, the 90s is back in vogue! Just ask dad on the secrets of a great-looking flat top.


The Fabio

One of the most recognizable faces during the 90s, Fabio Lanzoni (more commonly known as Fabio) became a household name thanks to his romance novel gigs and his recognizable (not to mention, gorgeous) locks. Another famous name that rocked his long locks is Brad Pitt, most notably on Interview with the Vampire.

How to get the look: Grow your hair long for about two years. Use shampoo and conditioner.


The Curtain

All of 90’s matinee idols probably had the same hairstylist, as this particular hairstyle has been rocked by not only Hollywood celebrities, but also local ones. The done-not-done hairstyle is easily the most laidback hairstyle out of all, but oozes sex appeal the most.

How to get the look: Ask your barber to trim just the part where hair meets the ear. Part hair in the middle. There, you now look like one of the cast of Palibhasa Lalake.  

All of these hairstyles went down in pop culture history and the hair hall of fame because of the legendary men that rocked these transcendental dos. You can also rock these legendary hairstyles with CLEAR Cool Sport Menthol shampoo. With CLEARyou’ll be able to protect your scalp from dandruff and style it however you want. Not only will CLEAR keep your hair 100% dandruff free, it will also keep your hair fresh and healthy. 

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