8 of the Funniest

Baliktad Words

in the Internet Now

By Blair Perez

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Our Facebook and Twitter feeds are full of words such as “lodis” and “werpas,” and everyone seems to be having fun riding the bandwagon. Thanks to the Facebook community, What’s Your Ulam, Pare?, the old-school slangs are making a comeback, with new additions this time. While some people are tagging the terms as “the new jejspeak”, others think that they’re just pure fun and entertainment. Oh, the internet and its wonders.

Below are some funny examples on how these words have taken the internet vocabulary by storm. You might want to join the fun!














Bonus: Oka Tokat


Got any petmalu puns to share, lodis? Share with us in the comments section below!

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  1. You have introduced them already and thanks if you will explain their meanings as well because i’m still lost in the jumbled words..

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