8 OPM Songs About Lasingan

By Patti Sunio

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Along with eating together, using our hands, the ulam and rice splayed on banana leaves, in the Philippines, the tradition of salu-salo is usually accompanied with a lot of drinking. Alcohol has long been part of every Pinoy’s life, whether it’s to clink glasses and celebrate or to drown one’s sorrows, or even out of habit.

Here are 8 songs about drinking and alcohol in Pinoy culture:

“Beer” by Itchyworms

It’s the quintessential sawi song. Having been left by a lover, it’s almost a default after-effect to drown one’s feelings in beer—but to no avail. The song, too, admits that despite pouring oneself more and more beer, the feelings will always, still be there. Like in real life, and in the chorus of the song, heartbreaks makes us begin thinking if it’s worth getting hurt after a great love, or to just trust our feelings to an old bottle of beer.


“Pakiusap Lang” by Parokya ni Edgar

While upbeat and fun, the song is really about a getaway among friends, but further down the line, we realize that it’s all an escape trip in an attempt to forget a heartbreak. We can all relate to that post-breakup feeling when we cling to our friends, we don’t want to be left alone with our thoughts, and would like to have some crazy, fun together—like getting ourselves drunk.


“Laklak” by Teeth

It’s funny how the song is truth told as it happens. We can all relate to tasting alcohol for the first time and not liking it—at all. But then, of course, we arrive at a certain age when drinking becomes a norm. And our mothers and grandmothers have the last laugh.


“Alkohol” by Eraserheads

Cheers to the designated friend who is expected to drink the least—primarily because he or she is tasked to look out for the others. Chances are, if we’re assigned to keep sober all night, we’ll be the ones to remember our friends in various drunken states the most. And this song perfectly describes that.

“Sige” by 6CycleMind

While we can’t ever escape the ups and downs of life, there’s always alcohol to make us forget—at least temporarily. Whether it’s a sordid past or a person who’s disagreeable, alcohol may be a way to make whatever it is we are going through just a slightly bit more bearable.


“Inuman Na” by Parokya ni Edgar

The song tells the step-by-step progression of a barkada inuman. Beginning with the preparation of pulutan, to the yosi, the kwentuhan, and jokes that come with it, and finally, the shared amats among the friends who are drinking together.


“Giyang” by Razorback

As the title suggests, the song is about the craving or longing for alcohol and how it affects us. From heading to the nearby sari-sari store to ordering more, the song encourages one to go and drink, but also reminds us of the negative effects drinking too much can do to us.


“Penge Naman Ako N’yan” by Itchyworms

While light-hearted and funny, the song reminds us of the horrible, bad days when everything just goes wrong and we cannot wait to end it with a perspiring glass of ice-cold beer—or any another alcoholic drink to spend the night chilling with.


What’s your go-to song? Tell us about them below!

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