In case you missed it, Nike recently released their latest commercial in line with their 30th anniversary campaign called “Dream Crazy” featuring Colin Kaepernick. I don’t know about you, but it surely did get me more motivated and inspired-perfect way to start my long week ahead. Like many of their inspirational releases, Nike (just) did it again with the message of “doing more than you can imagine”. With their long list of video releases, here are other 8 videos we can draw inspiration and motivation from:


Unlimited You

In line with the 2016 Olympics, Nike launched their “Unlimited You” video featuring their athletes sending out the message that you can achieve far more than you can imagine. There are no limits to what you can do as you go for greater heights.


Just Do It: Serena Williams

It’s only a crazy dream until you do it. The iconic Serena Williams once held a tennis ball not knowing how to play a sport until she started actually honing her craft. Serena started somewhere, as we all have to.


Find Your Greatness Saga

Nike’s very own Lebron James once said – “Earned Not Given” and that’s what greatness is all about. Find what it is that you’re willing to earn and gain no matter what, and that’s when greatness will follow.


What Will They Say About You?

Breaking what people think is impossible takes guts and courage, and that’s what it takes to be great. Shatter the stereotype and make them believe that what you showed them was possible.


What Girls are Made of

Here’s to girl power! You are made more than what you’re told or can imagine.


Jesus Plaza Commercial

“Until you want it as much as needing to breathe, you will never make it”. Failure is not trying hard enough, but believing you’re giving it all you got. How bad do you want it? If so, do it in the best of your capabilities.


Michael Jordan “Failure”

Even the best player to ever hold a basketball once fell down. Would he have been as legendary if it weren’t for those failures he had to get over?


Risk Everything

How much are you willing to give? Featuring two of Nike’s Football stars, what’s it going to take to get to your goal? Are you willing to risk it all? It’s about go big or go home.

What’s your favorite Nike advertisement? Let us know!


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