8 Photos

of the Ugliest Sea Creatures

to Make You Feel Better

About Yourself

By Therese Aseoche

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Whenever you feel badly about yourself or the way you look, just remember that there are creatures out there that look way more pitiful than you do. Take a look at these saddest sea creatures to lift your mood up:


You’d know that if something was named “blobfish”, it’s not a coincidence. This deep sea dweller looks exactly like a pink blob of flesh devoid of happiness, and had even won Ugly Animal Preservation Society’s “World’s Ugliest Animal” back in 2013. Despite its depressing appearance, the blobfish has turned into a pop culture sensation with people making blobfish stuffed toys, shirts, comics, and a themed café.


Goblin Shark

At first glance, you might even mistake this creature to be your chatty, long-nosed Tita who’s always up in your business. Although sharks are inherently terrifying animals, the Goblin Shark is one you could stare at a little longer before swimming away from.


Red-lipped Batfish

With pouty red lips that could almost rival Angelina Jolie’s, this creature looks like it’s waiting for a man to come and whisk it away to happily ever after. And who wouldn’t want to, especially with its perpetual scowl, penis-shaped nose, and confident stance?



The longer you stare at the Stargazer, the more you’d be amused by the way it looks. Their bulging eyes and fang-filled mouths almost make it look like the angrier cousin of the blobfish, and is only slightly creepy when camouflaged under the sand and waiting for prey.

Marble-mouthed Frogfish

These guys are so ugly that you might even feel sorry for them. They look perpetually coated in gunk and carry their eggs exposed on their bodies, proving that if any of us ever get to be reincarnated as fish in our next lives, we would never want to be this one.


Wolftrap Anglerfish

Anglerfish are nightmarish to say the least, but this one seems to have gotten the short end of that stick, looking more ridiculous than scary with its weird long face.


Humpback Anglerfish

The same thing can be said about this type of anglerfish — meant to frighten prey in deep sea waters, but just kind of looks…sad with its huge round stomach.


Stone Fish

This is probably what happens when a fish tries to mate with a rock, and the universe’s way of saying “that’s not really a good idea.”


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