I’m sure you’ve heard this too often: “Ang hirap mong mahalin, Pilipinas.”

Most of the time, this arises from the most trivial of aspects in living in this country: The everyday commute. This is probably why you feel low whenever you get back from a trip abroad. How come they can have a more efficient transport system, and we can’t?


1. Jeepney


We hate it when you try to fit 12 people in a row that clearly can only take 9 people, or when people don’t sit properly to make space for others, or when our fellow passenger doesn’t want to pass on our fare. Makikisuyo na po, please.


2. Tricycle


We hate it when the roof of the sidecar is just impossibly low it causes stiff neck, or when the music is just too loud, nakakabingi kahit open air naman?


3. Bus


We hate it when the bus is full and people just love standing up by the door, or when perverts ride the bus, or when some people don’t dispose of their vomit properly.


4. Shuttle


We hate it when the person who goes down doesn’t even bother shutting the door, or how loud the driver can get with their inter-shuttle radio.

5. MRT


We hate that the trains don’t fit the rails. We hate that we don’t have a fixed schedule of arrival of trains. We hate that the trains uncouple in the middle of a trip. We hate that we are made to walk the rails when they break down.


6. Taxi


We hate the ‘kultura ng kontrata’, the rides without receipts, the taxis that have a certain smell, and even just the stress of finally getting one. The only saving grace of taxis? Manong’s playlist.


7. Grab


Need we say more? The low acceptance rate, the long waiting time, the unreasonable fares, and the drivers who will just out right refuse your booking request. The list goes on and on.


8. Uber


We hate you, Uber. We hate you. We hate that you’re no longer around to accept our bookings. We hate that we are stuck having to deal with Grab and cab drivers again. We’re kidding. We love you. Come back.


Which do you dread the most? Do tell us below!


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