8 Reasons To Hire Millennials

By Patti Sunio

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Every generation’s youth certainly has its best and worst qualities, and while millennials have often been the target of flak and poor judgement, they definitely have more to offer than being the pulse of the younger target market.

Here, we try to focus on what makes today’s millennials actually worthy of a seat in your company.

They don’t usually work for (just) the money

Millennials’ parents were a generation who put things like investment funds, a house and lot, and savings as primary priorities; while their offspring, on the contrary, don’t graduate with the first thought of working for stability. Because when it comes to career, millennials value the meaning behind their work, first and foremost, and won’t usually trade that sense of fulfillment for a tempting salary. Now, isn’t that a good thing?


They are passionate in their work

Most millennials have high regard for the work they do, especially in terms of how it equates to their overall person. Instead of working strictly on a 9 to 5 schedule, leaving the office—and all work-related thoughts—behind once they clock out, millennials take their roles wherever they go.


They are pros at multi-tasking

This is exactly the reason why millennials are also multi-hyphenates. They can’t help it, after all, as they are the kids who grew up with technology at its peak, innovations, and developments born by the minute. So you can definitely trust them with multiple roles—at the same time.


They are flexible

They’re not the types who prefer to be tied to their desks forever. They understand that field work, management, the clerical side, and many other tasks outside the job description, are all part of the learning process. They are open to new kinds of company set-ups and structures—or, well, even the lack of it.

They are social media and tech-savvy

You can expect millennials to use everything they know to create shortcuts and effective systems that can get their job done easily. From the best apps to which communication device to use, they won’t be allergic to it, and will most likely even introduce new tech knowledge to the team.


They are collaborative

If anything, this generation is well aware of the different personality types of their colleagues, and how one’s unique skill set is vital to the team. Growing up Googling practically everything, reaching out to strangers online, and keeping connected with acquaintances over social media, these millennials know very well that they can’t survive on their own.


They are diversely educated

Unlike their elders, getting a job immediately after college isn’t the norm for most millennials. Many will travel the world first, venture out to find themselves and figure out what it is they really want, or pursue further studies. Aside from the MBAs and PhDs, millennials also learn through online courses and workshops now, or even from experience doing things on their own!


They’re all about balance

They won’t sacrifice personal happiness or fulfilment for anything. So you can be sure that these millennials come walking into the workplace happy with what they are doing (at least for now), no matter how much they complain about it on Twitter. They’re all about seeking the healthy work-life balance, and that’s always nice to see in employees.


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