8 Reasons Why Robin Padilla

Was Right (And Wrong)

By Tim Henares

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After being on the receiving end of Pinoy Outrage because he went pretty hard on a Korean magician auditioning in Pilipinas Got Talent, Robin Padilla has made it very clear that he has no apologies to offer.

Robin Padilla’s statement was fairly to the point:

So, is he right? Should the Korean kid have learned Filipino, or should he have cut the kid some slack? Well, like most things, the answer lies somewhere in between.

8. Right: Jiwan Kim could have learned a bit of Filipino to appeal to the judges.

If Jiwan Kim really wanted to appeal to the judges, nothing could have endeared him better than to learn a few key phrases to get them on his side. Sandara Park knew this very well.

A star was born.

In fact, thanks to Angel Locsin coaching him, Jiwan ended up doing just that, making Angel Locsin 2-0 against DDS people. Just ask Mocha.


7. Wrong: Jiwan Kim should not be required to learn Filipino just to qualify.

This is a free-for-all talent show, and Jiwan Kim was given the opportunity to strut his stuff. Even if he didn’t know a lick of Filipino, the worst he should have gotten was a few ribs from the judges, but not an outright refusal for him to demonstrate his talent.


6. Right: Other countries don’t necessarily adjust for us.

It’s hard to get around countries like Japan or France if you don’t know a bit of the language because they notoriously don’t like it when people are ignorant of their language. After all, when in Rome, do as Romans do, right?


5. Wrong: This is a talent show audition, not the mean streets.

There’s a time and a place to be a hardass. Guess what, Robin? This wasn’t one of them, especially since we don’t get that kind of treatment when we send our non-English speaking talents to other countries to audition.

4. Right: We are Filipinos, so we speak Filipinos, and our visitors need to respect that.

Robin Padilla is correct in pointing out that our hospitality should only go so far, and any of our visitors should at least recognize that as Filipinos, we will always have a good chance to prefer speaking in Filipino.


3. Wrong: Filipino <> Tagalog

In the Philippines, our official languages are Filipino and English. Filipino, while chiefly considered as Tagalog, is not exclusively so. Otherwise, that is being majorly disrespectful to non-Tagalog speaking Filipinos, who sometimes prefer to speak in English instead of trying their hand at Tagalog, yet are no less Filipino than us.

If you don’t believe that, try hanging around Cebu.


2. Right: Robin has no reason to apologize.

And that’s only because holding Robin Padilla to any sort of higher standard is a fool’s errand, in all honesty.


1. Wrong: Robin Padilla is only selectively patriotic.

So if Robin believes we should love our language and is a true blue patriot, care to tell us why he didn’t give Lebanese belly dancer Mariam Khalil the same treatment?

She’s a Lebanese belly dancer, but surely that doesn’t have anything to do with it.


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