8 Sentiments All Southies Had

Regarding Skyway’s

New Toll Scheme

By Desiree Pore

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In the latest edition of “where else in the metro is traffic”, commuters and motorists had the surprise of their lives when they got stuck in traffic in Skyway longer than their usual transit time. Thanks to the newly built toll booths right in the middle of skyway, which, according to them, would help for “faster toll collection”, people coming from the South got stuck in traffic for more than 2 hours, twice the usual traffic in the said highway.

Motorists are confused as to why the brilliant minds from the Skyway management built a new toll booth, when you’ve already paid at the first toll booth. Basically, the use of the new toll booths is for the piece of paper you’re going to surrender. Read on to know how the Southies reacted to the traffic that welcomed their week.

@ManilaConyos Gets Straight to the Point

We’ve looked it up for you: cretin (n): a stupid person.


Expect Hassles Such As Missing Your Flight

You now have to be at the airport FIVE hours before your flight instead of the usual 3 just so you wouldn’t miss it.


Literal Gates of Hell

Imagine having to pee so bad but you’re stuck at the very back and the only way out is to exit the toll booth, but it’ll take you 3 hours to get to the said toll booth. That’s the very definition of hell.


EDSA 2.0

And all along we thought EDSA was the worst.

We Basically Pay Just to Get Stuck in Traffic

When we’re paying for something, we expect to be given an efficient and great service. Skyway on the other hand…

Via Giphy


Skyway In Competition with the MRT

Skyway management is saying that they “…are positive that once many have adjusted and adapted to the new toll collection system, the benefits of these enhancements to the Skyway will be felt by a great number of people.”


Yep, You’ll Have Plenty of Time to Do This

We’re gonna try this tomorrow…


This Makes the North A Much Better Place Now

The selling point of the South is its peaceful and calm vibes sans the traffic. The South now became the worst place to live at thanks to this horrendous traffic.


*Update: Skyway O&M has announced they will revert back to the old pay as you enter scheme for private vehicles starting 10PM of January 30, 2018

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