8 Signs

“The Incredibles 2”

is for You

By Tim Henares

Here we are again, with another guaranteed blockbuster from Pixar, and another round of cynical sighs from people who wonder if this is just another cash grab. After all, The   Incredibles,   as successful as it was, came out 14 years ago, making anyone feel older by just realizing that.

So if you’re of the skeptical type and want to make sure you’re not wasting your hard-earned money to catch   The Incredibles 2,   here are 8 questions to ask yourself before going out to watch it. Hint:   Incredibles 2   is probably for you, unless you have no soul.

8. Did you like the first film?


The first film was both a landmark in CGI animation quality and storytelling, as the first  Incredibles  did what the movie version of   The Watchmen    wasn’t quite able to do: deconstruct the superhero genre in an endearing way. With its “realistic” (but not gritty) take on the daily life of a superhero who has been forced to go under, it was a fun romp nobody saw coming.


7. Do you like villains who have a point?


Like Syndrome, the new villain in   The Incredibles 2    has a valid point. Remember: in the first film, as much of a bad guy Syndrome was, you could see where he was coming from. You might feel, on some level, that you would end up agreeing with the sequel’s villain, too.


6. Did you enjoy Father’s Day?


Whether as a dad, or as someone who adores your dad, or even as someone with Daddy Issues longing for a great dad, this film is a tour de force for all the stay-at-home dads out there who have ever had to contend with something out of their traditional wheelhouse. The trailer hints at this at length, so nope, this ain’t a spoiler.


5. Did you like Jack Jack?


If you saw the first film and wanted to see more out of the youngest in the family, then you are in for a treat, because Jack Jack is definitely a lot more involved in this installment.

4. Can’t get enough of Samuel L. Jackson?


Samuel L. Jackson as Frozone is a delight, and he gets to do a lot more in this film. Let’s leave it at that.


3. Do you have any feelings at all about the superhero film genre?


Long before   Iron Man   and even   Batman Begins,   The Incredibles    was a mind-blowing success as what was essentially a superhero flick. Now, a full decade after being inundated by Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, if you still love the genre, or are tired of it, The   Incredibles 2   has a lot to say about the genre, either way. It’s still the love letter it’s always been to its pulpy origins, but   The Incredibles 2    is not a Marvel flick, so it breaks the formula the guys over there have relied on all this time.


2. Do you have an eye for easter eggs?


Remember the One Pixar Universe Theory? There is no doubt that the makers of this film sent up a few nods in the direction of this idea, and if you’re astute enough, you’re bound to catch some of them. Especially that Pizza Planet Truck.


1. Do you have faith in Pixar?


Other than    Cars and    A Bug’s Life,   has Pixar ever really steered us wrong? If you feel the same way, then the fact that Pixar took its sweet time before giving us     The Incredibles 2    is all the confirmation you need that this is a flick worth catching in the cinemas.


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