8 Simple Things We Can Do

to Help Save Our Seas

By Patti Sunio

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It doesn’t cost a lot to conserve our resources. In fact, it can even cost more to actually re-build or artificially replenish what we have lost. Why not take the action ourselves and adapt consciousness and mindfulness into our daily habits. At the very least, let’s not contribute to the damage.

Here are simple ways to start:

1. Become aware.

As much as you love updating yourself with trends, news, and entertainment, also read up on the state of our seas, and the possible ways to protect it. May is Month of the Ocean, as declared by the DENR, and along with the initiative comes a schedule of efforts you may take part in conserving ocean life.


2. Say no to plastics.

Plastics are extremely harmful to marine life, especially when these are disposed improperly. Along with switching to reusable items, also limit your plastic use as much as possible. It might take a while getting used to life without plastics, but always think that your everyday choices will go a long way.


3. Reduce your energy use.

When you reduce your consumption of energy, you also protect the oceans from pollution that comes from energy generation. From switching off what’s not in use, to taking the stairs, commuting, or car-sharing, you are actually saving the world’s resources, little by little.


4. Clean as you go.

Especially when you’re on vacation by the beach (or anywhere, actually!), learn to pick up after your own litter. Be a responsible vacationer, don’t pollute, and set an example for others to follow. Or better yet, why not go the extra mile and participate in beach clean-ups? You can invite your friends and family, too.

5. Use ocean-friendly products.

You may not realize this but if your sunscreen contains synthetic ingredients, you may actually be depositing harmful chemicals to the ocean. Do your part and research on the ingredients contained in the products you use, or better yet, use sun care products that are all-natural.


6. Do not support brands that exploit.

From restaurants serving shark’s fin soup to brands selling neckpieces made from corals and shells, many businesses may be taking advantage of our resources the wrong way. Don’t fall into the trap and spend money on these, as you’ll only be encouraging them to make more out of what only belongs to the sea.


7. Know your politicians.

Change should start with us, yes, but our leaders in position have the ability and capacity to effect huge change, too. Show your support to those who are actively coming up with programs that protect our oceans. If you feel current leaders aren’t doing enough, try writing to them or reaching out via email or social media.


8. Tell your friends.

Word of mouth is still effective, free, and easy! If friends and family see how dedicated you are in changing your everyday habits for the sake of the ocean, then chances are, they’ll follow your lead.


Got any more suggestions? Share them with us below!

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