Life is a funny thing. One day, you just graduated college and it feels like you’re about to conquer the world. Then, suddenly, BAM, you’re crawling to the next pay day in order to pay off some bills.

Growing up is inevitable, and with it comes changes to your every day lives.

Here are 8 little things that make you think, “Damn, I’m getting up there in age.”

Your bones and muscles ache. Bad.

Remember those days when you could play basketball in consecutive days? Yeah, for a lot of us in our mid-20s and early-30s, those days are gone.

Even playing just for two hours can lead to some serious aches in random body parts you didn’t even know could possibly hurt. Trust me, ice and Salonpas become your best friends.

Hangovers. Please, no.

Speaking of reminiscing: one of the beautiful parts about being a college student was the ability to drink all night and then wake up the next morning fresh to go to class.

Oh, those were some good times.

Nowadays, even a few drinks can give you a serious headache the following morning. Trust me when I say these aren’t your ordinary migraines. Hangover headaches hurt like hell and feel like the end of time.

What am I doing?

Years ago, we were arrogant enough to scrutinize elder people for being unable to figure out new technology. Well, karma has come to collect.

Seriously – why are people using this thing called Google Drive? What ever happened to good old fashioned MS Word?

Making plans with friends become way more challenging

Our responsibilities increase over the years, which makes something as simple as planning a dinner with old college classmates very difficult. It even gets to the point where you’ll have to accept that you just won’t have complete attendance.

Have I mentioned that growing up actually sucks?

Sleep is mandatory

I swear to God, I’ll never figure out how I was able to voluntarily have all-nighters back in high school and college to complete requirements because I was too busy procrastinating.

Nowadays, I don’t understand how some people can operate on less than six hours of sleep? You guys are the real superheroes.

Coffee isn’t just a drink. It’s fuel.

If you’re currently imagining the surge of power you suddenly feel after your first sip of caffeine, then you know what I’m talking about. Heck, I’m now at a point where I believe it’s actually coffee and not blood that flows through my veins.

People pleasing is outdated

When I look back to the days when I would say yes to some of my friends’ ideas just because I wanted to go with the flow, I shake my head.

Listen, ain’t nobody got time to do what they don’t want to do. Life’s too short. If you want to stay in and get a massage instead of walking around and looking for bars at night, be my guest.



If the answer is in a year or two, welcome to the club.

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