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8 Smarter Ways to Recover From a Break-Up

By Cel Ortega

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So you’re going through a breakup. We’ve all been there.

Now, you can keep moping around watching Netflix shows underneath your covers all day to fill the gaping void in your life where your ex used to be, or you could pick yourself up and focus your time on more productive and smarter things. Here are a few alternatives to binge-eating, binge-watching, serial dating, and burning all of your ex’s stuff.

Reconnect with friends instead of going on Tinder dates


Meeting up with your friends is definitely more cost-efficient and much more comforting than going on Tinder dates. Who needs artificial love from strangers when you can get real love and empathy from your barkada?


Rearrange the bedroom you used to share

A little bit of change is enough to jump start your road to healing. If you and your ex used to live together and going into your room instantly sparks memories, change it by rearranging the furniture and tidying up (it’s probably been a long overdue to-do anyway.)


Talk it out with someone

Feelings aren’t meant to be bottled up inside; you’ll end up spontaneously combusting in the end. Share your thoughts with someone who’s willing to listen to you and offer you comfort or advice when you need it. You’ll end up feeling much better and lighter.


Hit the gym instead of binge-eating

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You’re probably already aware that working out is the most effective (and healthiest) way to move on. It relieves you of stress, helps you regain that self-confidence you’ve lost, and forces you to get out of the house and back to the world you’ve been locking yourself out of. Plus, you’ll end up with a great bod that even your ex won’t be able to help but ogle at.

Bring all your letters and photos to a recycling fair

Don’t know what to do with all those love letters and printed photos? Instead of shredding them or, worse, burning them, do the more environmentally conscious thing — give them up for recycling. Go to the nearest junk shop or recycling fair and get rid of all those paper memories (and get some cash in return! A win-win situation.)


Keep the same routine

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Chances are you would be avoiding doing certain things on your daily routine that remind you of your ex. But sometimes, just doing the same exact things you did when you were still with them would help you accept the fact that they’re gone from your life. The sooner you accept their absence, the sooner you’ll move on.


Use meditation apps

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Meditating on your own in silence might not be as effective in calming you down as using meditation apps. There are plenty of those you can download on your phone with a narrator who guides you through each session, and they’re helpful in emptying yourself of negative thoughts and feelings quickly.


Sell your ex’s gifts

You probably have a lot of his or her stuff lying around your house and seeing them only reminds you of the happier days. Do yourself a favor and get rid of them, but in a much smarter way than throwing them all down the trash bin.

Go to online marketplaces like Carousell and sell a few things! It makes the process of letting go much easier. (Plus, you become a little bit richer too in the end!)

It might sound like an incredulous idea, but trust us on this: your ex isn’t going to miss the item, so why should you? Just take a look at this guy who decided to sell his entire wedding dinner package after his bride-to-be stood him up less than two months before the wedding!


Got any tips for moving on? Share them with us below!

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